From a client doing the mentorship program almost complete with program:
At the end of the session, 'my client' was ecstatic, telling everyone we met how amazing it was...she said the hands on healing was very powerful.. also she was very moved by the visions she had and wants me to continue healing her...For me, the feeling of being able to transmit these energies to a friend, another person.. and know, this is healing them.. is very healing for me and humbling.. I feel more powerful now, but in a subtle way as if its no big deal; it's just a thing I  learned how to do.. :) Im Amazed! Im so Happy!


From a client doing the mentorship program:

Wanted to share something that happened this morning. I've been doing the golden ball meditation that the Christ gave to me during our last session. This morning after finishing the meditation I went about starting my day and while taking a shower (some of my most profound ah ha's tend to come in the shower lol) I began to feel and sense the Christ presence with me. It has happened off and on over the past year briefly as something subtle that I sense. This morning it was much stronger and I felt it as the presence of Jesus. I felt as though I was him, he was me, a fully integrative sense of being together. I also sensed him telling me 'This is how I will appear to you, this is how we will work together". It felt very natural and I had a strong feeling of feeling wholeness. 

-----Jackie M.

From a client of 3+ years:

I've been a client of Ariah for years now and can't say enough good things about her and what she does. She is a very special person and a true professional. She has provided me with valuable tools and insight that has allowed me to change my life for the positive and has empowered me through some truly trying times. I look forward to working with Ariah as my counselor.

-------Patricia L.

From the LinkedIn Whisperer:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Velasquez professionally as well as in social environments for several years. She is one of the most creative, intuitive therapists that I've ever met."

Ron N. 

From a mentorship client:

"I had a moment of surrender and emotional outpour during yesterdays meditation in which your energy played an integral part. Your prescence helps facilitate healing and surrender. I am eternally grateful for the work you do."


From a friend who referred me to her skeptical friend:

"You truly have been such a beacon of light, hope, and source of strength for her.  She has put on such a brave face for so very long.  Honestly, you have done more for her in the time you've had with her than the 4 to 5 years of regular psychotherapy has accomplished.  As skeptical as she was at 1st, you have broken through!"


From a client of 3 + years in my 40 day meditation group: 

I just wanted to share with you some experiences from the last two days of meditations you have given us on Facebook.  First, they have been absolutely AMAZING!  Yesterday I continued to release anger and grief...Thank you so very much Ariah for sharing these very powerful meditations and continuing to heal our world one consciousness at a time.