Ariah engages with clients in counseling while incorporating intuitive readings and energy healing methods where you co-create your healing. She connects with your guides and higher self to bring in the healing you are ready to receive.  Ariah helps move out of the way whatever is necessary to allow you to receive what you are ready for. Ariah is an empath and has the ability to see and feel what is in the way of you becoming who you really are as an authentic, sovereign person.  A healing might entail talking about your challenges, deep intuitive guidance, reading past lives, cutting  energetic cords, sharing blissful energy, removing dense energy, repairing the physical, astral, etheric, mental, spiritual body, calming the nervous system, whole brain activating, meditation techniques, and many, many other systems of healing. Private Healings are a donation of $120 per hour on phone or skype and a donation of $160 in person in Nampa, Idaho.  Sessions are usually 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. In person, they can go as long as 3 hours if you are traveling from far.  Please email to set up an appointment.

Before your appointment, please read her blog about "fortelling the future" here.  This will clear up any misunderstandings.  Ariah is first and foremost a healer with strong intuitive abilities, not a traditional psychic.  She can be a helpful guide for you, but life is not set in stone. The Universe is mysterious.  You must ultimately follow your own heart and be flexible if you go in one direction suggested but it doesn't work out the way you think it should.   The irony is that sometimes we are guided by our higher self to do something, solely so we can learn a lesson about our reaction to it not going perfect.  Ariah cannot know whether that is part of your path. In fact, her true passion is not doing readings for people, but it is helping you receive grace as well as find insights from your talks with her and your own self-revelations.  You will be asked to sign a release form before session that says you understand this. 

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A client during a skype session with Ariah. The same light appeared on 3 different occasions at 3 different times of the day. We were working with a healing light called the rainbow flame.



What is a healing like

by Ariah?

Ariah does a healing method based on her Mystic Christ lineage, Taoism, and Egyptian/Multi-dimensional healing traditions. In her Egyptian tradition, she developed the ability and senses to see and hear things your spiritual guides have to share with you. She also learned techniques in which she lays her hands on you either by visualization of you with her third eye (her inner seer) or in person to heal physical aspects of your body as well as non-physical aspects of your being.

Through healing methods using kundalini sent into the body, visualizing light and other alchemical processes, Ariah can lay her hands on certain points or places in the body causing a release of deep seated emotional patterns of suffering as well as physical ailments. She also uses intuition which is the ability to gain information about a person by using more than the 5 senses. It is through connecting to the spiritual source. This leads to sometimes tuning into past life information, clearing karma, as well as discovering deep limiting beliefs one is holding. Essentially, a healing entails a reading and assessment of what needs to be healed, and then possibly hands on (psychically or in person) body healing to assist in purging the body of an imbalance.

Ariah was taught to do some of this work by master Pleiadian channel/healer, Amorah Quan Yin. Some methods Ariah uses are channeled on the spot for the individual directly through the guides.

Her Mystic Christ lineage is truly about bringing about the true nature of the mind and initiating people into their own personal enlightenment. 

Her Taoist technique is very simple. In Chinese traditions, the water element is used to heal and evolve the consciousness. This is a very deep, yet grounding and balancing energy. It feels very blissful and causes the body to jerk or move around to release. When it is necessary, one may laugh to release a block or cry. Ariah can send this energy to a client remotely on the phone. She was taught this type of healing work by Lama Dorje, a Tibetan Lama and Taoist Master. It is a quite a blessing for those who come into contact with it as it works very fast and sometimes creates bliss that is almost unbearable.

There is no typical healing as everyone has their own intricacies of issues. However, a person will either call for a phone healing (they are just as powerful as in person by the way) (or call me on skype) and talk using spiritual counseling methods for the first portion of the session about issues in their life they wish to improve or would like more joy in. If you are in Encinitas, CA you may come to see Ariah in person.  Next, Ariah will create a sacred space through a prayer or invocation, and then she will a reading sitting up depending on what is necessary. What happens after that is dependent on what is needed. Sessions last from 1 to 2 hours and require you to drink a lot of water afterwards. This is to help flush out anything released and to hydrate you as the energy can be highly electrical.

What is a healing for?

Healing is for anyone who wishes to evolve. You can be full of problems or have hardly any at all. Healings can dive into places that are hidden from you so that you may increase happiness in your life as well as be a magnet for things you are desiring. Healings can align you with your true nature and purpose here on Earth. Through love, compassion, surrender, and clearing karma, the most cumbersome things can be shed. Healing yourself also affects your family members. We are connected especially to our family lineage. Ariah sometimes clears DNA as well as cells.

Benefits of Receiving Healings


More energy

Resolved relationships



Release of negative thoughts

Undoing patterns

Physical body healing



Developing of alchemical abilities

Usage of the full brain

Shift in perception



A rise in the feeling of love and compassion

Feeling connected to all on this planet

And so much more....

Remember, some people have more layers than others. Many are like an onion. It takes time for some to peel all the layers that have caused a problem, so expect a miracle because some have them, as well as hold a patient heart.

About the healing aspects
of chanting mantra

Ariah is a professional singer and since she has devoted her life to healing, she records healing music. The music consists of sacred mantras as well as music that is devoted to spiritual concepts. Sacred mantras are powerful tools to heal. In India, mantras are linked to different Gods and Goddesses. Each being has different gifts and abilities. When you use certain mantras to invoke these beings, many healings and much evolution can occur. In a devotional singing style called Soul Kirtan, Ariah sings mantras over beautiful instruments with a modern framework. She works with producer Thomas Barquee to create this music. Currently, Ariah's CD One Blissful Dream is available on

Kirtan involves the audiences singing along or responding to Ariah in concert. This way everyone celebrates the Gods and Godesses together while receiving the blessings. In Bhajan style, the audience listens to the singer, but still receives the power and healing of the mantra by being in the presence of it being sung.

Playing mantra CD's is extremely powerful as the words and melodies begin to play in your mind constantly. This constant chanting inside becomes the background in your life and all your thoughts causing to manifest powerfully what you want in your life. The words hold a frequency of sound that pulls in amazing gifts! The words are typically chanted in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, however, some chants are in English as well as other languages.


Sample transmission and group mentorship intro call 


FSP  Levels 1-4 

Ariah teaches one on one and group courses to teach students to do Pleiadian Lightwork. From the healing tradition of Mount Shasta, CA founded by Amorah Quan Yin (Author of The Pleiadian Workbook 1 & 2), 23 years ago, Ariah became a healing practitioner of the Pleiadian Lightwork tradition. This teaches student to activate their whole brain allowing them to utilize full sensory gifts which include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathy, and more.  The path uses light and hands on energy healing by working with the Pleaidians and other Ascended cosmic light beings.  It is very effective and clears both past and present light blockages.  It is a path to Ascension in body. Ariah helps students become certified instructors so they may have a healing practice while also healing themselves on the way.  You will learn to do readings, and extremely deep healings that include things like psychic surgery, depossession, chakra healing, and more...

Ariah's course is accelerated version. Each level 1-3 lasts 3 days from 9am to 3pm and is an $800 donation. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the 3 levels of the course.  Level 4 is an advanced course and is 4 eight hour days and $1600-$2400 sliding scale donation. 

What you will learn in more detail:

Reading and Healing the Aura
Reading and healing the chakras
Past life reading and healing
Clearing cords, beliefs and contracts
Kundalini channel clearing and activation
Healing the subconscious
Healing the astral body and dreamtime
Soul healing and soul retrieval
Healing physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies
Twin flame healing
Clearing and activation of telepathic and clairaudient channels
Ancestral and genetic healing
Healing addictions and self sabotage
Cellular healing and clearing
Sexual channel clearing and healing to align with sacred sexuality
Healing Nervous system trauma
Healing self esteem
healing to unify the masculine and feminine
Inner child healing
And more...


Next Scheduled Course:

One on One (Please send email)

Group Class----

FSP 1- November 15-17 2021

FSP 2- November 18-20 2021

Communitea Yoga Oceanside, CA

Register here:

Level 1

Level 2


A $200 deposit is required by Oct 1st to hold your space. Email info@communiteayoga to pay your deposit.

Level 3- February 22 2022- Feb 25 2022


Level 3


If you would like to make an appointment with Ariah for a healing, please email her asst. Mark at
to book your session. AFTER or BEFORE your session, depending on how long you have booked, your card will be charged. Ariah's asst  will take your information, if paying with a credit or debit card when booking the appt. .  Phone sessions and in person by new clients require a donation of a $120 deposit for phone or a donation of $160 for in person, as well as if you have not worked with Ariah in a while. Ariah sessions go no longer than 2 hours on phone.  You can  request to do a set time or let Ariah work until she is complete. An average session is 1.5 hours. Thank you for your cooperation.  International clients must use paypal to pay. 


Free Transmission/Healing/Intro to Mentorship This is a group call I did with a free healing transmission and explanation about my mentorship program. 20.4 MB