READY for TRANSFORMATION!!!!?! My Packages for Healing are COMPLETE! Go to my blog to see videos about many of the packages on Pages 2 and 3. 


Why do a healing package plan? 

Are you tired of the same old, same old crapola happening in your life? Well, that could be reason number ONE!!!!!! But also:


-It Communicates to your spirit, self, and the Universe, that you are DONE with this particular issue. Commitment to healing something WORKS.  Many times we want to be done with something, but we want it to end from doing very little.  Put some fire into your transformation and I GUARANTEE within 3 months to a year your life will be different.  In fact, I will give you your money back if you don't feel your life has gotten better! How's that for trust?


-MONEY IS ENERGY.  Some might think, "Oh, I don't have the funds for this right now…"  If this is your response, I am pretty positive this statement has leaked into other areas in your life.  If money is energy, than you are simply saying to yourself, "I don't have the energy for ME right now."  Do you think this attitude will really bring you the life you have longed for? 


-COMMITMENT. The secret to creation is clear commitment to what YOU DO want, not to what you DON'T WANT.  It is time now to stop living a life with some things you are not ok with, yet only some things that you love. Have the life you want with ALL you wish. 



12 Session 1 or 2 hour Individual Session Packages for clients:


Mentorship Series


Private mentorship sessions will not be like you are used to for those who have had healings with me.  They will actually each be a 45 minute talk where I give a transmission based on each topic of the session.  Then there will be 30 minutes for you to share your experience and insights during the transmission session, and ask questions that are related to your life.  I will then spend some time answering and this portion is actually a healing, but in more light frequency fashion, not in a Pleiadian Lightwork style where you look individually at each detail.  Becoming your true highest self is no longer about looking at each detail to every problem in your life.  It is about becoming your Christed/Bhuddic/Self which melts away all the problems as a by product of living this light and love merged into oneness.  I know each and every one of you IS this light and love. I look forward to walking hand and hand on this journey with you. With light,



Mentorship Program Course Outline

12 Private Sessions (one hour and 15 minutes) (One a month)

3 in person sessions Friday-Sunday which includes FSP 1-3 from the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School Tradition, as well as other mystical traditions Ariah has been a part of (Kundalini Yoga, Mystic Christ Transmitting, Taoist Healing and Meditation, Ilahinoor Light Transmissions, and Folk Light Magic for manifesting and protection). 

Session 1: You and Your Healing Gifts

Session 2:  Awakening your full ability to heal and transmit healing power

Session 3: Become One with the Love that YOU are

Session 4: Finding your Divine Truth and Releasing Old Stories

Session 5: Becoming One With Your Divine Truth

Session 6: Bringing Your Own Divine Truth as an Active Force in Your Life

Session 7: Being the KNOWING that you are the healer

Session 8: Your Life Becomes a Constant State of Emanating Healing Light/Love

Session 9: What Type of Healer are YOU? A Saint, A Freer, An Alchemist?

Session 10: Becoming free from the Illusion

Session 11: Owning Your Power

Session 12: Initiation into the transmission of GRACE.

In Person Group 3 Day Retreats:

Session 1: Initiation to being your Bhudda/Christ Nature; Activation of the True Nature of the Mind.

Session 2: Initiation into the Light

Session 3: Being the Light as a Blesser

For cost and info, please email Mark @
Go to my healings and offerings page to download a sample of a call, and to receive the transmission


Coaching Series (12 Sessions and Addiction Series 10 sessions)


Coaching Series: Living an amazing life with everything in balance!


With this series, you will receive step by side, crafted keys to how to get your life to become the life you have always wanted.  Ariah’s strategy and healing will allow you to go deep into your own personal path, revitalizing your life mission. Some of the healings entail clearing your Ka template, which anchors what you came here to do. You will also learn a special meditation that removed blocks from your life mission.  It is now more important than ever to seize the day and heal what that parts of yourself that have gotten in the way.


Is it problem keeping a healthy relationship?


Feelings of mundane, depression, or disconnection?

Health and weight issues?


This 12 session series will address every aspect of your mind, body, and spirit, so that when you are done, you are renewed, cleared, and fulfilled in all aspects of your life.  This series takes a level of commitment, willingness to be vulnerable, and share the parts of you that may shame you the most.  Through facing the fear and inner shame, you will be living YOUR heaven on earth.


These session can be once a week, for 3 months, or every other week for 6 months. For a long term process, you can do once a month for a year.


Email to set yours up!

Addiction Series

In this series, we will:


Session 1-We will uncover who you want to be in your life and anywhere you feel that is not fully being actualized. We will clear each chakra for the energy that conflicts with who you are being now, versus who you want to be in your life.

Session 2- We will heal and clear all that has caused resistance to change.  A healing called a Depatterning will be utilized.

Session 3-  We will do a healing that clears the genetics of your addiction.  In energy work, this is called "Cellular Clearing".

Session 4- We clear the fear of "change consequences".  How will your life change when not using or drinking?

Session 5- You create your "Change Plan". Worksheet provided. 

Session 6- Therapeutic work on external pressures influencing addiction (environment etc).  We also clear cords and contracts that keep you energetically tied to people that are no longer serving your growth in who you want to be.

Session 7- Therapeutic work on maintenance.

Session 8- Creating a new life, new environments, and social situations to support you.

Session 9- Your life purpose...Uncovering it and how to fulfill it. A healing and therapeutic session towards this. Once you are not drinking or using, this WILL reveal itself more.

Session 10- Building self-trust, and tools to sustain all your powerful work.


If you are thinking of doing this series, I commend you for your courage.  I know if we take this healing journey together, you will be happy you did!

Career Breakthrough Realignment Course

Doing what you were here to do, make money at it, and reprogram the core patterns and beliefs ingrained in the unconscious that keep you stuck.


God/Goddess Package

Have the relationship you have always dreamed of...BIG ONE FOR MANY.


The Enlightenment Calling

Get spiritually aligned without having to live the life of the monk!


Trauma Release Series

Free yourself and go from feeling like a person who had an "F"-ed Up Life, to a person who had a life that empowered them to be the best they can be.  No longer be unconsciously run by your traumas.


Self-Criticism Reprogramming and Self-Love Realignment

Undo the old way you have seen yourself and become a person who engages in full self-acceptance and love


Miscellaneous Monthly Session Package

You have lots of things in your life not working, and you need consistent help for day to day life challenges


3 Day Intensive

Receive a transmission of love and spiritual alignment and personalized attention while having 3 two hour sessions in a row in Tampa, Florida.  Spend time with Ariah having lunch following each session in which you socially build skills for interpersonal interacting.  Spend the rest of the day vacationing however you like.  Options include: visiting downtown Tampa where delicious restaurants and nightlife are; Downtown Disney; Beaches with 90 degree water and white sand.


Skype/Phone Sessions:

1 to 3 hour sessions when you selectively have something going on in your life that is specific for one event or period in your life.


There are 3 options to receive a healing package (this is not the cost of mentorship plan. please inquire for donation):

1. One 2 hour session once a month for 12 months. 

2. One 2 hour session once every other week for 6 months. 

3. One 2 hour session once a week for 3 months-the fast path to being free of your specific issue.



3 Day Intensive in Nampa, ID including lunch with Ariah for donation of only $800