Blissful Life Healing Practitioners have graduated from Ariah's mentorship program.  Their unique personalities and additional training from their personal backgrounds may at times be suited for you especially when Ariah is over booked.  Ariah has taught them almost everything she knows.  They have gone through extensive spiritual development through many spiritual practices, and are all licensed ministers.  

Jacqueline Wing

 Minister, Pastoral Counselor, Certified Massage Therapist, Pleiadian Lightworker, and Essential Oils Specialist.
Skills include: personal readings, hands-on healing, massage therapy, house clearing, divination, and ceremonial "prescriptions" for problems. 
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Jacqueline is a Spiritual Intuitive, Counselor, Empath, and Energy Healer.  In addition to her healing abilities she is also a licensed Massage Therapist.  She has her Associates Degree in Commercial Art and worked in the technical publications field for over 10 years as a Publications Specialist and Graphic Artist. Following her work in the publications field, she spent several years running a Promotions department for the Army. Serving the military was one of her most gratifying positions as a graphic artist. In 2011 she pursued her life-long interest in the healing arts field and returned to school to receive her Massage Therapy license and migrated fully into the healing field incorporating her innate psychic and healing abilities into her practice.  
Jacqueline has been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and exploration since her early 20’s which led her to studying and learning many Metaphysical principles and practices. In 1997 she was led to studying “A Course in Miracles” and found this work to be a life-changing and pivotal point in her enlightenment process. She has been an avid student and teacher of those principles for the last 17 years. In 2013 she took her studies further by committing to a year-long healing and mentoring program with Ariah Velasquez in Tampa, Florida. During her work with Ariah, she was opened up to and initiated into many new healing modalities, many of which included: Eastern philosophies, Pleiadian Lightwork and Taoist traditions. During this time, she has also participated in training sessions and many workshops to strenghten her skills with Spirit Guide Communications.  Jacqueline’s 30 years of acquired knowledge of spiritual practices, coupled with her intuitive and healing abilities has led her to a deep commitment to serving others in their process of healing and to aid in their ascension path. 


Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Herbal Specialist, Pleiadian Lightworker, Works well with Creative People! 
Phone/Skype Only.
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I’m an intuitive healer, author, and artist, fueled by hardcore plant love and a longing for connection. My restlessness to heal and be healed has been a lifelong unfolding of sorts. Prior to here & now, I tried my hands at several careers and incarnations, many of which might surprise you. 
Enter (you). The era of the unattainable guru is slowly being replaced by the colorful faces of real people paving their own way. My gift to you is intervention. I am committed to helping you find your way back to your own light by cutting through whatever clamorous illusion lay afoot, and into the core of who you really are. When you prosper, we all prosper. When you heal, I heal too. I revel in championing your power, your space, your divine, best self, mostly because it feels like something I was born to do

Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Social Worker, Ceremonial Specialist, Aikido Practioner!
Phone/Skype/In Person

Karen has been a mystic since age 16 when she first learned the power of candle magic. Intrigued by this work, Karen did both self-study and formal training in several different traditions including Wicca, Reiki, Conjure and Santeria. Prior to meeting and working with Ariah where she began her study of Pleidian Lightwork, Karen received her Reiki II certification in 2001 in Chicago. She also received her Hand of Ifa in the Santeria tradition. Additionally, has also worked with well-known conjure practitioners in Texas and California and is well versed in working in all these traditions.
Karen also holds a master’s degree from Loyola University School of Social Work and currently works as a clinical therapist in the Chicago area.  She has a background in classical voice and theater and works with a number of different artists in her therapy practice in Chicago. Karen is a third degree black belt in Aikido and has a working understanding of Zen Buddhism.
Her history and gifts make her uniquely talented in working with those who are searching for their purpose in life and are able to assist in helping them take the often frightening steps of moving forward. It has always been her belief that the strongest people are those who can ask for and receive help.
Services include insight oriented therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Pleidian Lightwork, and Reiki all of which can be accomplished either in person, via phone or Skype. She also performs distance healings and will prescribe rituals for success in different areas including all manner of relationships, business, unblocking fears, road opening, and attraction. All services are uniquely tailored to her client’s specific needs. While Karen encourages clients to be empowered in doing their own ritual, she also understands that this is sometimes not possible for a variety of reasons and is happy to perform ritual on her client’s behalf upon request. 

More coming soon!  Many practioners are close to graduating the program. To learn about Ariah's mentorship program for healers, go here.