Why are so Many Humans Ashamed of Themselves? 5 Ways to Transformation.

Why are so Many Humans Ashamed of Themselves? 5 Ways to Transformation.


Society has created the prevailing sense that we must be perfect, and if we are not, we are ashamed and hiding every flaw. Specifically, physically is where the hugest shames many many have come out.  So many of us hide blemishes, fat, hair, wrinkles, frizz, skin discoloration, our fears, and worst of all our vulnerable hearts.  Who made these things become wrong or bad? How did this happen!? All this has left so many with, is feeling deeply ashamed of who they are and too much focus on these things can take up our precious life.


 Many young people are concerned with being overweight at young ages. Our own fears of imperfection get channelled to the children, and then the next generation of hiding souls repeats itself again.


How can we stop this madness!? One thing is to clear our agreement with society to hide and label these things as flaws in the first place. See a literal contract with you and society, heck, with planet earth.  On this contract is written, "I will hide and label aspects of myself as flaws and be ashamed."  Imagine your big red rubber cancel stamp going down on this contract. See yourself tearing it up and and then, please, please, throw it into huge rainbow colored flames and burn it! Enough is enough.


Secondly,  it is time to love ALL and stop trying so hard. The more we stop ripping self apart, the more we will actually lose the pounds or get the glowing face. 


Now, yes, self-care is good...yes, self-love is good. Beauty is AWESOME! Yet our standards in this planet are so self-debilitating, it has become the demise of human culture. I speak of us a humans, as if it is a foreign creature because, we are so much more. Which brings me to number 3.


Number 3:  WE are so much more. Yes, we have heard it before: spiritual beings having a human experience. But let's go beyond that. We are GOD. We are the piece of the whole, a speck and piece of God's beautiful arm, stomach, head to humanize the concept. Or better yet, a piece of God's Consciousness. 


Number 4: Shift your focus from 75% physical obsession, 25% awareness of being a piece of God's consciousness to 75% seeking awareness of being a piece of God's consciousness 25% self-care; which includes, yes, exercise, eating right, using herbs and homeopathy to heal, cleanse once a year and more...but don't do it because you are ashamed. Do it for LOVE.


Numbeer 5: DO IT FOR LOVE. Before you buy any product to self-improve, eat less calories, wax, defrizzify, or anything else, ask yourself, "am I doing it because I LOVE me, or because I'm ashamed of me?"  If you're doing it because you are ashamed, then ask for the assistance of the Elohim Divine Beings of Mercy to come and help you; to lift any and all shame out of your energy field in relation to that. Deep breathe, take in the love of your higher self by calling her/him in to fill you up and give her the gift of your shame.


 Hand it over like a box of chocolates. 

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