The Future is Not Set in Stone

The future is NOT set in stone.


Hi All, here is my next video blog about the concept of TIME. This blogs talks about whether the future can ever be predicted and a way to live life with more ease based on understanding time. Enjoy and Share!


Can the Future be Foretold?


Many have struggled with the concept of being told the future including myself. What is a psychic and can they really tell the future? Well, first of all, I am not a psychic. I am a healer with clairvoyant ability. Psychics often know the names of people and get information frequently at the drop of a hat. I am a healer and so that means when information is to be given to me, I am told it if it relevant to healing purposes. 


But what about being able to predict future events? Not one psychic on this planet has ever been able to claim 100% accuracy. Even Nostradamus. Why is that? It is because we as humans have decided that time is linear. That there are sequences of events that lead to the next. But wait....WE invented time. Time is all happening ALL at once. It is circular. Everything from the past can be accessed now, and the future can be accessed NOW because our idea of time is false. Now with that said, in each moment we are creating the future or recreating the past through HEALING and DREAMING. Some futures are more fixed in stone based on energies of the now, as well as our consistent energy imprint and output. What I mean by that is we have cycles that match and keep consistent in our lives due to our personalities and choices. Sometimes as a healer,I can read a change is about to happen because I can read the energy is showing the end of a cycle internally. I can also see where people's intentions are. However, they can always shift that intention through a breakthrough moment of CHOICE. Someone may have every intention of being one way and then in this co-created reality, they have a shift in perspective and then make a NEW choice. So it is important to never be attached to outcome. It is important to make the best choices you can in each moment, but then flow if someone chooses to change their choice or agreement. This is the spontaneity and mystery of life and the universe. We must roll free of attachment with the energies everyday so if something we do not expect happens due to free will of all, we recieve the lesson it teaches, and we continue to live in JOY ANYWAY.


Someone asked me the other day what the purpose of life was. I replied: it is to realize all our suffering was always in our heads because we were attached to the way we thought life was SUPPOSED to be. As we let go of the supposed to's and accept, we are liberated and free beyond our wildest dreams. 


So...come to me for guidance, for reading of what is potentially likely, and then let go as the mystery of life and the co-creation of all people's actions around you vibrate, twist, and turn into this beautiful matrix of life.

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