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2 Week Cleansing Series with Ariah Velasquez 



Why cleanse?

The liver and kidney in Chinese Medicine are said to hold energies of anger and fear.  These two emotions are responsible for the majority of suffering in anyones life.  Your colon and stomach are responsible for building your personal power.  Your belly holds the energy for you to birth your enlightened state.  As you balance the lower dantien as it is called in Chinese Medicine, you facilitate a powerful awakening for yourself.  Your eating habits are caused by old emotional patterning and associations with comfort.  You may no longer crave what you actually need, but what you want.  This is a form of self-medicating.  This series will help you break down the barriers that have caused illness, depression, and anxiety.

What you will get:

-Powerful herbs, a shake, and probiotics that detox your emotions, your organs, and pull mucoid plaque off your intestines and colon. 

-One 2 hour session pre-cleanse, Two 2 hour sessions  in the first week, and one 2 hour session the second week to clear and detox your mind, psychic body, energy field, and clear the emotional energy that is releasing from the organs.

-Ten 15 minute daily check-ins on non session days that consist of answering your daily questions about what is happening to you as you release, as well as to consult on food and lifestyle choices.  This is also to support you to stay committed.

-A nutritional and lifestyle plan that fits your particular issues.  You may need other additional supplements that are just for you to bring about optimum results.  You will get all the consulting you need to resolve health issues and more.

What Will It Be Like?

On this cleanse, you will be eliminating strong caffeine other than green tea; you will also be eliminating dairy and red meat.  In addition, all refined sugar, and possibly even fruit sugar depending on your ailments and concerns.  Lastly, you will be letting go of all processed grain which includes white flour, and potentially even wheat depending on your situation.  Alcohol is also not allowed while cleansing.  You will be ingesting fresh juices, whole grains (maybe), eggs (if you wish), beans, soaked nuts (maybe), fruit (maybe), and vegetables. You will also have if you like small amounts of soy, fish, or chicken depending on your ailments. 

The first 3 days are the hardest because you are letting go of caffeine addiction (for most), and your body is most likely killing off pathogens, yeasts, and viruses that have been lying dormant. You will need to do this when you have time to rest.  Some people need to sleep for many hours during the first 2 days.  

After that, a fog will begin to lift and you will begin to have more energy, especially if you do the fresh green juices I “prescribe” throughout your two weeks.  You will then get into more of a routine and find that you enjoy the meals and the herbs you are taking. Your body will actually crave these nutrients.

Through out the two weeks, you may have emotions surface.  That is why it is very helpful to have the scheduled check ins and healing sessions.  You will understand the underlying issues that have been causing certain physical aliments in your body.  You will begin to feel like your true spiritual self, connected to your divine nature.

How do you Know About All This?

As a teenager, and young adult, I suffered from acne which led me to study Nutrition at Penn State University.  I received my training as a nutritionist, and then went on to work with Naturopathic doctors to heal acne and PMS. Not only did I learn as a healer how much psychic and emotional energy links to the body, but I also learned how important cleansing and diet effect everything.  I worked with acupuncturists, herbalists, and ND’s for the past 17 years.  I also began to read and study on my own time the root and cause of several illnesses including cancer, candida, depression, anxiety, acne, PMS, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, immune disorders, and many many more.  I have now worked with clients for 14 years merging healing with natural medicine consultations to help people find balance in all ways.  It first had to start with my own curiosity about myself, and then I was able to help others.

How do I start?

You can contact me and submit your payment via credit card over the phone/skype.  We will set up your appointments and I will mail you your herbs within a week.  Then once you received your herbs, your treatment begins.  The first consult will be a full analysis of your history, lifestyle, and emotional/psychic issues.  Together we will figure out a plan for your two weeks that will carry out towards a better, happier, healthier you!  All consults are on Skype or phone. International clients must be able to use Skype and pay through paypal.  If you are paying through paypal, please send paypal payments after speaking with me to  Payment plans are available with a credit card on file for US clients only. 

The cost of the cleanse series is $1000.  Normally my 2 hour sessions are $240 a session, and the cost of the herbs are $159. This cleanse has a $1,245 value, and you save $110 when you do this as a committed series with me. 

If you are a new client, you will fill out a personal questionnaire and a release form before your consultation.

For all those interested, email my assistant Mark at, and he will set up our consultation to get your herbs ordered and your appointments for the 2 weeks scheduled.  All appointments are on the weekdays, and only a few night appointments are available.  

*******Please consult with your physician before starting this program.  I am not a doctor and will not diagnose or profess to cure any ailments.  All choices to do this program are your own decision.  You will be required to sign a release form before starting this program.