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Ariah Velasquez- Life is but a dream  


Yes, the childhood song…it's true. Every last piece of this reality is ruled by each individuals perception.  What we see here as solid, is only solid because that is the information our brain is picking up.  What is happening around us, is based on our view of what it means built around our perceptions, our mental constructs, and our belief systems aka THOUGHTFORMS.  Even in the state of co-creation, this reality only appears to be different than our dream state.  Certain "receptors" are unaware while we sleep (unless you have practiced for them not to be), while other parts of our consciousness remain awake.  And when we "wake" up, the same thing is happening.  As we train our minds to go into the Theta state in "waking" reality, we actually can experience the same reality we do when we go to sleep at night.  The more we strengthen this ability to switch back and forth, the more we begin to see that reality merges together with dream time, and that all is actually extremely flexible.  


Our thoughts are flexible, and even what we appear to be solid is flexible.  Some yogis have developed Siddhas, or skills that allow them to pierce what normally is perceived as reality.  This includes, being able to place a handprint, into something that appears solid.  A miracle? Or is it simply that they have transcended normal perception?  The parts of our brain that are not being used have access to see the flexibility of reality that exists.  In other studies done, it is shown that people experiencing life in this way actually have calm parietal lobes in the brain. The calming of the parietal lobes on the sides of the head, allow for a shift in experiencing life.  And just so you know, this is not for just the special.  This is called evolution.  This is our birthright to see the truth of reality.


Why is this important? Well, for one, knowing this, whether we are or not fully experiencing this fully yet, takes humans out of victim mode, into creators.  You create your own reality is no longer a concept, but a way of life.  We have the power to manifest in this flexible reality. In fact, a recent article I read discussed a scientist found that human intention can actually be contained and studied to have an effect on reality, things, people. We are not slaves to our incomes, or to our experience.  We can make changes even if we don't know how they will come to pass.  All that is important is to believe in the above,and continue to focus on the intention. 


Many of us have heard of Abraham Hicks and about the law of attraction.  Well that is just one benefit of understanding what I speak of here. It is also to move into the true nature of the mind.  The true nature of the mind is truly detached from judgment or how things should be.  It is free. It is consciousness viewing life, emotions, experiences.  And each of us has a consciousness that has it's own unique way of participating in life.  Your consciousness may simply see all as light…maybe as play…maybe as divine life force aka power.   The consciousness is simply experiencing it and through the understanding that life is but a dream, we move closer to our brain and life becoming free of suffering. We do not need to suffer.  


Many of you reading this now have heard this, but it sounds like an outlandish concept when you fee like you have to do something to make this happen, to be free of attachment, to become your Buddha/Christ self. However, I say, start with life is a dream. And then what may come next is that you take problems, pain, and such, less seriously. It doesn't mean you live irresponsibly, it means you are less likely to make them such big deals that they immobilize you. And when those problems aren't a big deal, they become like a humorous movie as the ego continues to respond like a drama queen. The Taoist way is to let humor take over.  It is not so serious. It is a dreamlike reality that changes on the drop of a hat.  Notice how one day can make such a difference?


Once there is a shift towards the above, the expansion, knowing, and attainment of the true nature of the mind will come easily and with grace, because it is who you really are.  We were meant to enjoy this life, to be abundant, to create with power.  We were meant to transcend human suffering.  It may not be everyones path to do so in this lifetime, and that is ok. Do not force this upon people making a choice to be asleep.  We will all make it.  This life is yet one drop in the vastness of all that we are. Make your own personal choice, which makes it easier for others to have a shift, just by you holding divine truth in your consciousness. And enjoy the dream.



With light,


Ariah Velasquez-Elmore 


Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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The Channelers Book release:



Increasing the Silence 


Increasing the silence within will allow you to see the deep things you have been longing for, needing, or struggling with.  This silence can come in many ways, but the silence is about quieting the areas in the mind and psyche that are activated towards pain.  The silence can come from transmission from a teacher, an "A-HA" moment, meditation, or by mistake in the wee small hours of the morning, usually the holy hour around 3am.  If you wake at around this time, you are probably being asked by your higher self to increase the silence somewhere that is activated inside of you.


An exercise to increase inner silence:

Try getting up a half hour earlier than normal one day this week.

Sit and listen to yourself.

Review what happened the day before and reflect on what has been hurting you.

Next ask your higher self to fill your tube of light and activate your silver cord.

Ask your higher self to reveal to you, what it is you have deeply been needing, longing for.

Sit and listen.

When you receive your answer, allow yourself to experience any grief about this. Let it well up inside and come out fully. This might be tears.

Next, call in a Heart Activation Chamber of Light from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Ask that they bring it around you to soothe and open the heart to receive more of what you are needing. Sit and receive this. When you feel it is complete,

refresh your grounding cord (see a cord of light going from your 1st or 2nd chakra into the Earth Star Crystal in the center of the Earth).

Affirm: I increase the silence in all areas of wounding. And so it is, so be it.

Go on with your day knowing you are increasing the silence by making space for yourself and for the heart to open.


Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

connect here Copyright 2013

Shine Bright Like a Diamond 


As we access more and more who we really are through the recurring intent of taking in light, we shine quite brightly I must say! The glow we see coming out of ourselves and those awakening is not just from healthy foods. It is also from the taking in light as food with conscious intent.

The diamond light frequency is powerful for your evolution, your light body, and healing. For many years, I have used this frequency to realign, and I have offered it to clients as an option to stay in balance. The diamond light is a vehicle to connect you to your most highest self. When visualizing the diamond light above you and then entering your body, you are essentially experiencing this merge as a 5th dimensional being. Visualizing = happening when their is enough of a powerful charge attached to the vision.

Your soul matrix, (the place where the soul anchors), is also shaped like a diamond, so when you align with diamond energy, it helps your blueprint align with the true nature of your soul’s highest intent. You also create a grid of energy that holds the frequency of diamond light, which is quite pure in it’s actual essence. You do not need physical diamonds to experience the diamond, you only need your thought and intent to.

The result of allowing this diamond light in is not only a blissful feeling inside, but it has a clearing effect, and tunes you up, like an instrument. I first learned this technique from one of my first teachers, Amorah Quan Yin, many years ago, and I have used it almost every day since. Here is a way to access the diamond light activation below:

Diamond Light Meditation:

Ground yourself by visualizing a deep violet cord of light coming out of your lower chakra (either 1st or 2nd). See this cord of light going deep into the Earth Star Crystal in the center of the Earth.

Next, call forth the Overlighting Deva of Diamond light to join you.

See the diamond octahedron above your crown. Now welcome the diamond like to come into your crown.

See it moving down the spine until it hits the tailbone. Now send a little down the legs, and let the diamond light curl up the center of the body.

When it reaches the shoulders, see a little bit spill down the arms and then let it complete it’s cycle up the center of the neck and face.

Let it begin again and now imagine you have a switch next to this floating diamond that says manual or automatic. Switch it to automatic and intend that this diamond energy run on automatic for as long as your body needs it.

This will give you an energy boost, and as long as you are balanced in your diet as well, and keeping your thoughts towards joy, you will emanate the glow of your true self daily when including this practice. I share this today because I think it is important not to just deliver information, but also practical tools on how to live life as your higher self. These tools I share are precious to me.

Hope this helps! With much love,

Ariah Velasquez

We are one.

How to Truly Create Abundance 



Abundance is usually what people refer to as money, however, abundance means a great deal more than that.  You could say, abundance is an overflowing cup of energy. Whether you want that energy to be uplifting or not is your choice. However, many find money to be the pesky part about abundance that they cannot conquer, so I will focus a bit on this aspect specifically today as well as the big picture of abundance. 

When we focus on emotions like anger, resentment, and depression, we tend to drain abundance in all aspects of our lives.  Also, when we tend to focus on work that drains our energy, we tend to fall ill over time, thus draining the abundant physical energy we have. 

So then, one key here is focus.  Yes, many of us have heard, focus on what you do want, and then you will create it.  Except, it doesn't quite always work just from this alone.  Finding out what you like to do, getting clear, and then taking actions toward that desire is paramount. Yet, too many people worry if they take action, and release themselves from doing what they don't want, that they will then go without and not be able to take care of themselves.  It indeed takes courage to do what you want, and you may have some time periods where you  struggle a bit.

In my own experience, even in those periods of struggle, somehow things always seemed to work themselves out. They may not have always looked as I thought they should.  I may have had to sleep on a floor or two, but yet I still slept. The point is, what we think is the worst case scenario when we let go and live our gifts, is usually not as bad as we think once we get there. 

Here is a scenario:

Dreamer:  Has a dream, but feels like they can't get what they want.  There is often fear about money, and being able to take care of one self.

Universe: First responds to some of the doubts the dreamer has about being good enough or  being able to accomplish  their dream since the Universe is the dreamer's reflection.  The dreamer then suffers from what appears to be their dream not happening.

Now here is where the important part lies. When you hit the phase above, it is important to then go deeper into the dream and find new, innovative ways to create the outcome of what you want to make money doing.

For me, it was finding a room to rent and do healings and counseling with people, even when I had very little clients at the time. I found a space that I could rent only by the hour. Yet, I believed in myself enough to keep trying.

Doing things to gain confidence at what you want

Sometimes getting trained in something gives you the confidence. Even if you already have all the skills you need, if you have no training in it, there may be an unconscious place inside that believes you don't deserve to make money at it if you haven't put effort in training.  So I always encourage people to take classes, workshops, and read, so you feel you have put effort into growing at your craft.  If anything, this convinces the unconscious mind that it is worthy.

Lack of motivation

Sometimes the problem is also not being organized or motivated to try the very thing you want to do. If this is the case, take a look at this issue in a multi-faceted way. Are you eating foods that bring your energy level down, and make you feel tired and unmotivated? Are you overdoing coffee or alcohol, thus feeling tired and crashing from these things later in the day? Food has a lot to do with motivation.  Take some B vitamins to increase your daily energy. Also, for focusing issues on a physical level,  blue green algae can really assist  brain chemistry.

For emotional and spiritual reasons for lack of motivation,  take a look deeply at any messages and self-sabotage beliefs you may be holding in your being, and let these beliefs be set free simply by becoming conscious of them and then intending to set them free.  Are their old childhood messages about how you should live in the world? Did you learn growing up that you can only make money at "regular jobs?"  Or on the flip side, are you not being practical? For example, you may be the kind of person  that does not like to plan anything. You may feel elevated only when doing what you are in the mood to do.  Many get confused here on Earth  because we are taught in many  spiritual systems to be present.   However, their needs to be a balance between letting things flow, versus, deciding the flow.  This is the middle path.   You see, it is not about just doing it when in the mood. Merging the spirit world and the physical world is a huge piece of balancing this out.  You may have to sometimes start projects or create a schedule for yourself that you stick to so that you can get things done.  This may feel against your grain, but it is just step one to leading the life you want.  The ultimate goal is to only work when in the mood, but you can only get there in phases. Keep focused on what you want and take action towards it daily.  As you build your new abundant life, you will find you have more power over when and how things happen in your daily schedule.  

I also see people looking into their future reality, and seeing the final outcome, as the first outcome they want. Realize, that even if you start small, with constant focus, intention, and flexibility, the abundance will happen.  Try not to be attached to the timing either.  Trust in your ability to create and know the divine timing is set just right for your manifestation of abundance doing what you love. The flexibility part means you allow the outcomes and the path to change as you see where the Universe is guiding you and fueling what you are doing. For example, you may have  one idea you think is great, but the deeper you go into it, and put energy towards it through action, the more you are being pulled towards taking the gifts you have towards something else you did not expect.  Watch the energy and flow. Do not fight against it when it is strong.

Being drained by conflict

I spoke at the beginning that we can drain our abundance in all aspects of our lives when we focus too much on conflicts.  Even if there are people in your life that bring conflict into your reality, do not let that be your  focus. Deal with it only as it comes up, and then train the mind to not even think about the person, persons, or situation.  Too many times people want to be right, and so then they ruminate over what has happened, or should be happening with others.  All this is doing is harming your own life, so make a conscious choice to shift your thinking every time you see yourself going into the viscous loop of over-thinking about what other people are doing.  Do not worry about whether someone is acting the way you think they should, or coming from ego, or in the same dimension as you.  Let them be exactly where they are. If they don't do something you like, then acknowledge it only briefly and then quickly shift your focus to what you want abundance of in you life: love, joy, abundance of work using your unique gifts etc.  If you find yourself consumed by thoughts about others, then do some inner healing on self.  Here is a self-healing on how to release others below to assist.  This may seem separate from creating money and abundance, but I promise you, it is not.

Healing for Releasing Feelings and Attachment to Conflict with Others

Ground yourself by visualizing deep roots going into the Earth. 

Imagine a beautiful violet flame, a shield for transmutation around your whole body and energy field.

Call forth your ancestors of the divine light to assist you as well as the circle of Divine Great Grandmothers of planet Earth of the light.  Ask them to assist you, to hold you, to nurture you, and give you wisdom in this situation.  Tell them you wish to be free of focus on others outside yourself and for grace to come into your conflict.

Call in and activate your own higher self connection by asking your higher self of the light to fill up the central channel in your body with higher self energy. Breathe deep.

Call now the higher self of the light of the person, persons involved in the situation. Ask there permission on a soul level if you may send light to them for their healing. Sit and listen. You may feel a yes, not hear a yes necessarily. (If you get a no, then do this process for yourself only.  I have never heard a no. Most people don't want to be in conflict on a higher self level).

Call now in the white light of Christ consciousness. See the Christ light bathing them in light, melting away whatever it is you have sensed from them. What do you think they are upset about, even if you don't agree?  See the white Christ light melting the roots of their pain, and then melting the external manifestation of it (what they say or do).

Now send love and forgiveness to your self first for whatever your part is, and even forgiveness to self for draining your own energy by this focus. See the white light of Christ consciousness now flooding through your whole body. 

Lastly, send forgiveness to them.  It doesn't matter how big or small what they did or are doing is.  Not forgiving them only harms yourself. Send forgiveness by simply intending forgiveness be sent to them. Sometimes you can see your forgiveness as a color or light bathing them. 

Close out your healing session by affirming, I release all focus on conflict with ____(fill in the blank). I am free to be abundant in the joy, love, and using my gifts in this world. And so it is. So be it.

Thank the ancestors and grandmothers for assisting in this session as well as the Christ energies. You can substitute Buddha or any other deity you feel has a high light frequency in this healing.

Watch as this behind the scenes healing helps your life so you may focus on what is important. You and your abundant gifts.  You are a light in this world, and you deserve all that both the physical world and spiritual world holds. This includes whatever we use as currency here, or being abundant through bartering for your needs. Try not pay attention to the numbers in the bank account. Are people doing things for you for free? Is abundance showing up in different forms as well? Pay attention. 

I see now all reading this, gaining the missing pieces towards their abundant life. I wish for all to live their most greatest life now, living a life of fullness and joy. And so it is.


Ariah Velasquez


We are one. Ariah Velasquez is a new-thought minister, Pleaidian healer, and counselor. and http://

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