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6 Ways Clearing Food Allergies Can Raise Your Vibration 


Food allergies can dim your Vibration:


First, I want to say the reason why I have the knowledge below is from 16 years of personal research through traditional study of nutrition all the way down to alternative study, some through actual schooling (Penn State, nutrition major), to years of visits to naturopathic doctors, chinese medical doctors, lots of reading, and hands on experience in my own life with illness on all levels. So I decided to blog about this, because it never ceases to amaze me that food effects so much in a profound way. Whenever I have gone off the path that I know about food, within a year, subtle health problems begin. Now, I am pretty tuned into my body, so I notice stuff before they become true illness, but nonetheless, the effects are there.  The times, I have ignored my subtle clues, I have payed for it with discomfort physically and mentally. 


First, let me address food allergies before so that you have a deep understanding on how different foods impact the body. Many people don’t even realize they have food allergies. All they know, is they have other problems, like acne, constipation, digestive cramping, bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, bad breath, rosacea, yeast,fibromyalgia, weight gain, and so many many more. However, a lot of the main food offered right now out in the world are allergens! 


Dairy is hands down one of the biggest allergens and many people still eat it. Think about it. Do we feed our breast milk to other animals? No! So why would other animals milk work for our bodies?! It doesn’t. We can have it once and a while without it effecting it, but if it becomes a central factor of our diets, most will become allergic to it. This will show up as chronic sinus problems, acne, and more. Another allergen is soy. Soy mimics estrogen.  Unless extra estrogen is needed, we are throwing our hormones out of whack when we eat soy, male or female. This leads to acne, pms, metabolism issues, and more. Ok, another one is wheat and gluten.  Grains can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation also shows up as acne,fibromyalgia, arthritus, rosacea, and more. Who would have thought that eating good old whole wheat bread could make you sick? And unfortunately, coffee messes with the hormones as well. Caffeine increases testosterone. This may be ok for some people, but most people it leads to irritability, skin problems, and liver toxicity. Liver toxicity in Chinese medicine is directly related to anger. I don’t know about you, but I prefer joy to anger. And how about alcohol? Well, one drink here and there wont be too bad, but if consistently part of life, and I mean on a weekly basis, it adds to the acidity of your body. Disease grows in an acidic environment.  And there is wheat in most beer, as well as sulfites in wine, another allergen. Wait...I didn’t even mention sugar. Sugar in it’s non-natural forms is poison to our bodies. Literally poison. This includes high fructose corn syrup which is in almost everything in a non-health food store. Stuff that it doesn’t even need to be in like beans and bread for goodness sakes. 


So, what the heck are we supposed to eat?! Some would answer mostly live foods, but in people with certain blocks like spleen deficiency in Chinese Medicine, then cooked food is better.  A mix of some raw and some cooked seems to keep the body balanced between yin and yang. Eliminate the most common allergens above, and substitute with beans, brown rice flour based breads, vegan Daiya cheese, Earth balance butter, lots of greens and low glycemic fruits like rasberries, cherries, blueberries, and pomegranate.  Nuts are ok, but remember to soak them to remove the toxins out of them. Some are against certain nuts like peanuts because there is more fungal growth on nuts, and this can cause allergic reactions as well. And if you need to have protein from once living animals, fish is your  most ideal alternative, especially the low mercury holding ones like Mahi mahi. However, be sure to take an enzyme after eating fish as this will allow your body to digest it better and all meat (including fish) is hard for most bodies to digest because it is harder to break down.  Bad digestion leads to all sorts of health problems that creep up over a long period of time. Trade your alcoholic drink for a gluten free cider beer and your sugar for Steviaand agave. Stevia is ideal as all it is, is a plant. And it actually is helpful to your body!


Now how is this all related to vibration? The lighter foods, and less allergen type foods allow your body to spend less time fighting off dis-ease, and more time to take in light energy and life force. This will allow you to be happier and to feel more connected to whatever spiritual source you believe in.  As you become more tuned in to light energy, and have more life force, your brain works better. When your brain works better, you utilize the less active parts of the brain involved with synthesizing perception information. In other words, you can perceive the spiritual, more subtle aspects of existence. This includes, intuition, and yes even the presence of love in your life. As you connect to the presence of love in each moment, you begin to attract like minded people into your life. Or help unlike-minded people simply by just being you. Love is a powerful force. Emanating your true essence, which is love, has been proven by Quantum Psychics to reach a field of about 100 people around you.  So, when you eat this way, it literally results in you being able to walk into a store and effect the nearest 100 people with your frequency. 


For those that do not understand this, essentially all energy holds a frequency. Energy can literally be measured. When you break us down to an atomic structure, we too, are energy and frequency. Energy can be manipulated and transformed. Choose how you would like your energy to be transformed.



Blessings, Ariah


Addendum to Post:

A dream I had last night reminded me that sometimes there are emotional reasons for food allergies, so just an attached note to this, some will clear allergies and be able to transmute the effects of food as they look within. Just a thought. Yet, all still has frequency and some foods if you look into Kirlian photographs of auric fields of food just are more vibrant. For example, organic vs. nonorganic