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Love is Mystical 

Love is Mystical



Yes, love is mystical.  It is an alchemical process between source, spirit, and the heart.  It is who we are, and all that is.  How beings get to love in physical form has a majickal quality to it, because it is nothing that can be touched, this knowing and feeling of love.  It just is. 


    Realizing your own oneness can help with your ability to love.  As your soul heals, your brain heals,  and thus you begin to experience more and more this state of oneness.  You begin to break through the blocks that the brain has had from experiencing the true nature of reality.  The more you become merged with all things, the less your heart is closed.  You see, as you begin to feel the true connection to all things, it is impossible to hide and shield the heart.  The heart becomes free of the illusion of walls, as the body and spirit becomes free of them to.  The heart begins to merge with all that is, including your partners spiritual self.  With this merge, comes understanding the truth of who your partner is, and therefore the most profound experience of compassion you could  ever know. If you are merged with all that they are, how could you not see they come from love and light?  All the little things they do melt away more quickly, even though, your ego and mind may react or dislike aspects of their actions or personality.  It is your personality that judges something is good or bad, not your divine self that lies in the state of oneness.

    A client asked me once how the latter could be true when she knows in her heart killing or causing someone harm is "bad".  Here is the distinction: actions hold a frequency.  As you evolve, your desire to experience certain frequencies changes.  So it is not about one being bad or good.  Essentially all stems from God, because God is in everything.  Every experience is merely that: an experience.  So when you have decided something is bad, it means you no longer need to experience harming or the frequency of karma and pain on that level.  It is our higher selves wish that we all reach that place now as soon as possible, and yet, as beings birthed from all that is, from source, from God, we are given free will because Source has 

allowed us to experience free will even though we are a part of the whole.  It is when we surrender to divine will that we know we are reaching a spiritual consciousness that is merging closer and closer back to where we came from: the divine source which is light. 

The more we return to that essential source, the easier we can be conduits and receivers of love.  We are free of the blocks that make us feel seperate and therefore we don't NEED anything from another. We just need them to be.  Of course, they might have personality traits that match our personality traits, but beyond personality, unconditional love lives, and it is in this that relationships may thrive. 

    This is an excerpt from Ariah Velasquez' upcoming book release:  Love Lives: A guide to a successful relationship through communication, spirituality, and empathy.

Healing Addiction-10 Session Package Series to freedom. 



I have experience in treating addiction and experiencing addiction from a few vantage points.  In my time working at a house for women recovering from drugs or alcohol, I ran group therapy and did one on one therapy with clients.  In this experience, I learned how hard it can be to change something.  I found that often the substance or alcohol has somehow been serving the person's life in a way that is hard to let go of no matter how much havoc it also has wreaked.  So, for this reason, I have developed  a ten session series to help clients find self-motivation by uncovering where they want to be is not who they are when using or drinking.  This series is highly therapy-oriented.  Although, we do a lot of energy healing in it, it consists of the client being engaged in talking a lot and finding the solutions not through psychic phenomena, but through their inner knowing.  This is different than my regular sessions where I engage in lots of "reading" of the energy field. Why is that? Well, because the nature of successfully overcoming addiction has to do with sustained change within the self that has come from your own inner reserves.  Due to the neurological aspects of addiction, it takes tremendous self-understanding and self-motivation to overcome the now, ingrained instinctual drives to use or drink. However, there will be some energy healing help.


 My other experiences with addiction include growing up in a family where addiction was present, as well as past partners being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The only vantage point I do not have is being addicted to these things myself, but due to the empathic, clairvoyant nature of my work, I am able to really blend with my clients in their sessions and understand where they are coming from.  



In this series, we will:


Session 1-We will uncover who you want to be in your life and anywhere you feel that is not fully being actualized. We will clear each chakra for the energy that conflicts with who you are being now, versus who you want to be in your life.

Session 2- We will heal and clear all that has caused resistance to change.  A healing called a Depatterning will be utilized.

Session 3-  We will do a healing that clears the genetics of your addiction.  In energy work, this is called "Cellular Clearing".

Session 4- We clear the fear of "change consequences".  How will your life change when not using or drinking?

Session 5- You create your "Change Plan". Worksheet provided. 

Session 6- Therapeutic work on external pressures influencing addiction (environment etc).  We also clear cords and contracts that keep you energetically tied to people that are no longer serving your growth in who you want to be.

Session 7- Therapeutic work on maintenance.

Session 8- Creating a new life, new environments, and social situations to support you.

Session 9- Your life purpose...Uncovering it and how to fulfill it. A healing and therapeutic session towards this. Once you are not drinking or using, this WILL reveal itself more.

Session 10- Building self-trust, and tools to sustain all your powerful work.


If you are thinking of doing this series, I commend you for your courage.  I know if we take this healing journey together, you will be happy you did.


Blessings, Ariah