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Ariah Velasquez- Life is but a dream  


Yes, the childhood song…it's true. Every last piece of this reality is ruled by each individuals perception.  What we see here as solid, is only solid because that is the information our brain is picking up.  What is happening around us, is based on our view of what it means built around our perceptions, our mental constructs, and our belief systems aka THOUGHTFORMS.  Even in the state of co-creation, this reality only appears to be different than our dream state.  Certain "receptors" are unaware while we sleep (unless you have practiced for them not to be), while other parts of our consciousness remain awake.  And when we "wake" up, the same thing is happening.  As we train our minds to go into the Theta state in "waking" reality, we actually can experience the same reality we do when we go to sleep at night.  The more we strengthen this ability to switch back and forth, the more we begin to see that reality merges together with dream time, and that all is actually extremely flexible.  


Our thoughts are flexible, and even what we appear to be solid is flexible.  Some yogis have developed Siddhas, or skills that allow them to pierce what normally is perceived as reality.  This includes, being able to place a handprint, into something that appears solid.  A miracle? Or is it simply that they have transcended normal perception?  The parts of our brain that are not being used have access to see the flexibility of reality that exists.  In other studies done, it is shown that people experiencing life in this way actually have calm parietal lobes in the brain. The calming of the parietal lobes on the sides of the head, allow for a shift in experiencing life.  And just so you know, this is not for just the special.  This is called evolution.  This is our birthright to see the truth of reality.


Why is this important? Well, for one, knowing this, whether we are or not fully experiencing this fully yet, takes humans out of victim mode, into creators.  You create your own reality is no longer a concept, but a way of life.  We have the power to manifest in this flexible reality. In fact, a recent article I read discussed a scientist found that human intention can actually be contained and studied to have an effect on reality, things, people. We are not slaves to our incomes, or to our experience.  We can make changes even if we don't know how they will come to pass.  All that is important is to believe in the above,and continue to focus on the intention. 


Many of us have heard of Abraham Hicks and about the law of attraction.  Well that is just one benefit of understanding what I speak of here. It is also to move into the true nature of the mind.  The true nature of the mind is truly detached from judgment or how things should be.  It is free. It is consciousness viewing life, emotions, experiences.  And each of us has a consciousness that has it's own unique way of participating in life.  Your consciousness may simply see all as light…maybe as play…maybe as divine life force aka power.   The consciousness is simply experiencing it and through the understanding that life is but a dream, we move closer to our brain and life becoming free of suffering. We do not need to suffer.  


Many of you reading this now have heard this, but it sounds like an outlandish concept when you fee like you have to do something to make this happen, to be free of attachment, to become your Buddha/Christ self. However, I say, start with life is a dream. And then what may come next is that you take problems, pain, and such, less seriously. It doesn't mean you live irresponsibly, it means you are less likely to make them such big deals that they immobilize you. And when those problems aren't a big deal, they become like a humorous movie as the ego continues to respond like a drama queen. The Taoist way is to let humor take over.  It is not so serious. It is a dreamlike reality that changes on the drop of a hat.  Notice how one day can make such a difference?


Once there is a shift towards the above, the expansion, knowing, and attainment of the true nature of the mind will come easily and with grace, because it is who you really are.  We were meant to enjoy this life, to be abundant, to create with power.  We were meant to transcend human suffering.  It may not be everyones path to do so in this lifetime, and that is ok. Do not force this upon people making a choice to be asleep.  We will all make it.  This life is yet one drop in the vastness of all that we are. Make your own personal choice, which makes it easier for others to have a shift, just by you holding divine truth in your consciousness. And enjoy the dream.



With light,


Ariah Velasquez-Elmore 


Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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The Channelers Book release:



Abandonment Depression: The way to Freedom of It. 


Abandonment Depression: The Way to Freedom of It!


There are 3 places this comes from. 

-One is not being encouraged to undergo risk taking behavior when a child and thereby not fully developing an “individual self”. If you were reprimanded for taking risks as a child  (ie. taking a step stool to get your own cup etc)...this eventually would cause you as a child to cling to your parent to get approval because when you showed self-initiative, you got punished.

-Another is actually due to fate. You actually were abandoned by a parent due to addiction, illness, or something else.  The age that this happened will determine the extent of the abandonment depression.

-Lastly, a personality trait/karmic wound that caused you to just be a more needy child and then found yourself being rejected because your needs far outweighed what was humanly possible to fulfill.


Or a combination of all!


What is the result of these childhood occurrences? As an adult, it could be elements of borderline personality disorder which in turn causes severe depression and or/ anxiety when threatened in any way of being pushed to face this deep-seated abandonment depression. Sometimes, to avoid this depression people either get really angry trying to force people not to push them into their deepest wound, or numb oneself through cutting, picking, ocd expressions, having affairs, drugs, alcohol etc. The problem is, that when the person with this issue feels any fear they will be abandoned, the feeling is so overwhelming, the panic so bad, that the result is leaning on coping mechanisms.


If this is your issue, as a spiritual being, how can you deal with this challenging abandonment depression that controls your life in so many ways? 




So, the steps to recovering?


-Say yes to safe, healthy, loving people to be your best friends and partner.

-When the abandonment thoughts come up, share them at first with the ones you fear will leave if appropriate. However, if after a year with someone in your life, you are still bringing these paranoid questions up, choose to IGNORE THE THOUGHTS UNLESS YOU HAVE OBVIOUS PROOF YOUR WORRIES ARE WARRANTED.

-Meditate on your fears. Use this Sikh Mantra/Yoga practice to dissolve fear:; or simply meditate everyday asking your fears to come up, then clear beliefs around those fears. If you don’t know how to do this, set up a session with me and I can teach you how. Here is a link to another 11 ways to transform fear from my blog note I wrote a while back: 11 Ways to Transform Fear

-Fill your days with meaningful work, and fun activities. The more you develop a sense of self, the less you will fear being devastated by someone leaving as you will feel like you have your OWN life.

-Read literature on Borderline Personality Disorder to gain insight. I suggest this book here:

-Do not react to try to stop anyone from abandoning you. When you want to react, do the opposite, then do your meditation to clear all that is coming up.

-Get healing! Having support from many places is key!



I send you much love and light. You can undo this painful wound. You will. You have. And so it is.