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My Life in the WorkForce


I started working at the age of 12 on the east end of LI for a farm making pies and selling vegetables.  I was taught at a young age to work hard and I was also taught many beliefs that gave me messages that were not the highest about work and money. I was taught that there is not enough, and that life is hard.  I was taught that women can only work jobs that are brainless, and that the man must always take control over the money and so much more. 


So needless to say, I went to work right away so I could "escape" being "poor". I also had to take care of my basic needs being a foster child at a young age, so I had to work to "survive" which was another ingrained pattern I had to break as an adult. 


I worked many jobs as a teenager including at a pizza place, icecream shop, and clothing store. Then I left for college and worked as a barista in Pennsylvania during some of my time at Penn State. But soon, I transferred to music school and went back to NY.  I began to work in the bars since I could make much more money waitressing and bartending.


I also began to do paid studio jobs as a singer, voice over actress, and sometimes work at weddings singing. Yet, I was making about $1200 a month and barely putting food on my table. I knew there must be more to life than this! 


I moved to Mount Shasta, CA and for the first time in my life I was making money as an entrepeneur.  It was a small community, and the people there loved my singing voice.  They quickly signed up for private voice lessons advertised in articles in the paper and from live shows. I was finally asked to teach music at the college as well.  


Although at this time, I was not making much money, I was finally making enough to live doing what I loved. I knew that at this time, I could never return to anything less than that. I opened up a record label called Lady Bug Music and also started doing healings part-time on the phone and in person. My confidence raised and I realized the societal view of working 9 to 5 being the only way, was not MY way.  I began to examine all that I believed that had held me back from truly doing what I was put on this earth to do. I started using visualization to create down to minute details sometimes (except when spirit had something else in mind) what I wanted in my career. Soon I was putting on events with my best friend that were electronic music and theatrical shows. I was happy.


But I knew there was still more. I was still fearful I couldn't pay my bills at times and I also wanted to go to the next level in my career. I moved down to the San Francisco area as a result and affirmed everyday with fervor that I WOULD WORK AS A MUSICIAN  5 DAYS A WEEK. Well, within one day of moving there I was hooked up with a musician from the soul band Tower of Power. He helped me get some auditions for working bands, and within 2 weeks, I was working 5 days a week as a professional singer.


Yet, I still was being hired by someone else. I was still at the mercy of a boss. During this time I was also hired on by Pandora Radio as a musicologist. I put my healing work on the side except for occasional part-time work and I went full on making records and gigging my original music at clubs while making $50,000 a year at Pandora radio. 


This was the most money I had ever made, and it was a breakthrough because it was doing music. Yet, once again, Pandora was my main source of income and it was still a boss. I also grew sad after 4 years with them because I felt like I wasn't growing and truly offering the gifts I had to offer to the world.


It was not until I moved to LA where I got so depressed because I didn't know what to do with my life. By that time, I was sick of trying to making all my money from music.  I began to look back into my healings more and pray everyday that I could use my healing gifts to help people. I rented a room for healings and began seeing clients. In fact, just when I rented the room, suddenly people started calling me for sessions through being referred from Amorah Quan Yin (one of my teachers) website. But it wasn't until I committed to doing what I was here to do, went out on a limb and rented a room without hardly any clients, and trusted. I trusted that if it was what I was here to do, the people would come. And come they did. Suddenly, in a matter of weeks, with no marketing, word of mouth spread about what I was doing.  And within one year, I had 55 clients working with me and made my whole living from being a healer. 


Through visualization, trust, clearing beliefs and patterns, prayer, commitment, meditation, and authenticity....I created my own reality. A reality of a career I loved.


To allow me to guide you through this process in 12 sessions, please listen to the video below to learn about how I WILL help YOU create  your amazing career.



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