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Ariah Velasquez- Life is but a dream  


Yes, the childhood song…it's true. Every last piece of this reality is ruled by each individuals perception.  What we see here as solid, is only solid because that is the information our brain is picking up.  What is happening around us, is based on our view of what it means built around our perceptions, our mental constructs, and our belief systems aka THOUGHTFORMS.  Even in the state of co-creation, this reality only appears to be different than our dream state.  Certain "receptors" are unaware while we sleep (unless you have practiced for them not to be), while other parts of our consciousness remain awake.  And when we "wake" up, the same thing is happening.  As we train our minds to go into the Theta state in "waking" reality, we actually can experience the same reality we do when we go to sleep at night.  The more we strengthen this ability to switch back and forth, the more we begin to see that reality merges together with dream time, and that all is actually extremely flexible.  


Our thoughts are flexible, and even what we appear to be solid is flexible.  Some yogis have developed Siddhas, or skills that allow them to pierce what normally is perceived as reality.  This includes, being able to place a handprint, into something that appears solid.  A miracle? Or is it simply that they have transcended normal perception?  The parts of our brain that are not being used have access to see the flexibility of reality that exists.  In other studies done, it is shown that people experiencing life in this way actually have calm parietal lobes in the brain. The calming of the parietal lobes on the sides of the head, allow for a shift in experiencing life.  And just so you know, this is not for just the special.  This is called evolution.  This is our birthright to see the truth of reality.


Why is this important? Well, for one, knowing this, whether we are or not fully experiencing this fully yet, takes humans out of victim mode, into creators.  You create your own reality is no longer a concept, but a way of life.  We have the power to manifest in this flexible reality. In fact, a recent article I read discussed a scientist found that human intention can actually be contained and studied to have an effect on reality, things, people. We are not slaves to our incomes, or to our experience.  We can make changes even if we don't know how they will come to pass.  All that is important is to believe in the above,and continue to focus on the intention. 


Many of us have heard of Abraham Hicks and about the law of attraction.  Well that is just one benefit of understanding what I speak of here. It is also to move into the true nature of the mind.  The true nature of the mind is truly detached from judgment or how things should be.  It is free. It is consciousness viewing life, emotions, experiences.  And each of us has a consciousness that has it's own unique way of participating in life.  Your consciousness may simply see all as light…maybe as play…maybe as divine life force aka power.   The consciousness is simply experiencing it and through the understanding that life is but a dream, we move closer to our brain and life becoming free of suffering. We do not need to suffer.  


Many of you reading this now have heard this, but it sounds like an outlandish concept when you fee like you have to do something to make this happen, to be free of attachment, to become your Buddha/Christ self. However, I say, start with life is a dream. And then what may come next is that you take problems, pain, and such, less seriously. It doesn't mean you live irresponsibly, it means you are less likely to make them such big deals that they immobilize you. And when those problems aren't a big deal, they become like a humorous movie as the ego continues to respond like a drama queen. The Taoist way is to let humor take over.  It is not so serious. It is a dreamlike reality that changes on the drop of a hat.  Notice how one day can make such a difference?


Once there is a shift towards the above, the expansion, knowing, and attainment of the true nature of the mind will come easily and with grace, because it is who you really are.  We were meant to enjoy this life, to be abundant, to create with power.  We were meant to transcend human suffering.  It may not be everyones path to do so in this lifetime, and that is ok. Do not force this upon people making a choice to be asleep.  We will all make it.  This life is yet one drop in the vastness of all that we are. Make your own personal choice, which makes it easier for others to have a shift, just by you holding divine truth in your consciousness. And enjoy the dream.



With light,


Ariah Velasquez-Elmore 


Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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Ariah Velasquez- Supermoon Relief - August 10 2014  

I don't always write about each moon or astrological event, however, I believe this supermoon is quite special for those who have needed shifts from recurring cycles, experiences, and quantum leaps.  The moon today, and the energy leading up to the moon has truly been powerful, for it allows us to get exactly what we need to do to make change.  It allows us to powerfully go where we haven't gone with situations that feel they have no end, or feel like there is no solution.

Today, light a candle and sit in meditation.  Reflect on the past few days on how you may have been assisted to transcend deep seated patterns or recurring challenges.  Ask to receive your profound insight on how to start a new phase of life.  Perhaps, a new phase of life already began this week.  Notice, give thanks, and gratitude, for this awareness will amp up your positive change even more.  


Light incense, and gather a bowl of salt water.  Touch the ground with your palms.  Ask the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, to activate your personal power to transcend any and all that has occurred in your consciousness.  Take action. Do not sit and wait for life to get better.  Call in the elements of nature and spirit, and your higher self today to be an active participant in having a quantum shift in your life.  Do not sabotage your prayer through thoughts of negative vibration…the I cants, the what ifs, the I am a victim, no one cares, no one helps mentalities, wave goodbye today if you wish.  Insist on only the solution showing itself, for the energies support you now.  It is time dear ones, for your relief.  You have gone through your mountains, and your fire.  It is time to float above, and feel the bliss of who you are again.



With light,



Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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Ariah Velasquez - Divine Strength Comes in Many Forms - 30 July 2014  

Goodmorning to all the readers. I am back...and will be now weekly!  I sit this morning pondering the vastness of the divine.  With the permission of my client, I wish to share a story with you today.  This client has a son with severe behavioral problems.  When I would coach her with disciplinary tactics, she would share that she was afraid of "breaking his spirit" or being unkind.  She feared that if she set boundaries with him, it would be unkind.  Now by no means would I recommend any type of corporal punishment to her, but when it came to not letting him play that day if he continued disrespect to her, and act out, that was another story.  Boundaries were an important part to getting peace in her life, and his life.  He needed the boundaries or he actually on an unconscious level would feel unsafe, and lack respect for her.  Many of my adult clients who have parents that did not show strength in their energy while they were growing up, look down on their parents now because it is part of our nature when developing to want to be shown the way and feel protected and safe, as well as be given clear messages on how to be.  The children look to us on how to be in the world and to show true strength in character.  The question is: what is strength?


In my opinion, strength is taking action for the highest good, and not from a space of wanting to necessarily control for the sake of being right, or getting your way.  Strength is speaking truth.  Strength is freeing ourselves from victim mentality (this may be the most important of all). Strength is vulnerability with others by allowing them to help or love you. Strength is taking action that is clear and direct without intent to harm, or wishing others to not have happiness.  Strength is not putting our agenda on others because we think it is right.  Strength is letting go sometimes.  Strength is holding up the light even if the reflection must be intense.  Strength is having the courage to look honestly at self, and stop blaming.  Strength is seeing through actions, and holding up your light if those actions do not match your frequency.  This may mean you take action to deflect and transmute negative energies.  The key hear is to do so wishing no harm and to transmute that person's darkness to help.  If they are coming to you with their darkness, be sure, you are there to help them simply by witnessing, then dissolving with  pure light.  You are there because they need exactly what you have.  You don't do this is in a holier than thou way, or entitled, or even with a putdown.  You do this with complete neutrality about what they do.  You do this by letting divine energies in: your higher self, Buddha, The Christ, Archangels and the other light beings you may feel aligned with.

Going back to the case of this mom and son, it did not work when she said to her son all the time, "Sweety, I need you to not do that".  Often, he would do the behavior anyway.  However, when she shifted the message to, "No, this is not acceptable in our home.  It is unkind." with a firm tone, lo and behold, the behavior stopped.   This is because the true message came through, and it was that she actually needed to teach him what kindness was, not by saying "Be a nice boy", but by actually showing him the difference between a kind action, and an unkind action by affirming which was which.  Hence, she stood in her power through clarity.

This example is the microcosm, of the macrocosm.  We as pieces of the divine, as children of the Earth, as extensions of the higher self, aspects of the Supreme Being of Earth, and emanations of Source, will sometimes experience the wearing the down of the egoic mind through challenge, or through intense situations.   We must always know that every experience is a gift from divine helping us either release the ego or wear down the defense mechanisms we may have that block love and light in.  The Divine may show up as "your enemy", and the divine may show up as losing a job.  If you are overly attached to control or to being in power in the egoic sense, then the Divine Self, will wake you up with love, or at times a swift kick in the butt. We can resist all we want, but since we ourselves are divine in human form, we only do it to ourselves.  We do it to ourselves to evolve, and we do it to ourselves to experience.  We also carry a vibration that will emanate out and re-appear sometimes immediately, or sometimes years later.  Know if the vibration we hold is one of manipulation, or other maladaptive behaviors, this vibration simply rests in your frequency and summons similar vibratory experiences.  It is not a punishment.  This is where organized religion has turned people off.  There is not punishment.  Humans are the ones who punish each other (and other species too). There is creation.  There is frequency.

It is time to let the divine move through you, and this movement, may not always be sweet or apple pie.  It may be fierce.  It may need to be powerfully intense to wake you up.  It may lead you to situations you don't understand.  Do not blame, for it is all a hologram.  It is all you, and the vaster divine co-creating in perfection to continue to wake you up and evolve.  Welcome it, and witness it with open eyes.  See the truth of what you are being shown.  If you do not understand a trial you are in, ask daily in mediation to know and understand the true reason for your situation.  Always look inward, and look deep into the heart for the answer.  Trace the heart back to source.


With light,


Ariah Velasquez



Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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Ariah Velasquez - The Light Always Prevails - 24 June 2014 




Those who walk for the light, in the light, need not fear…for all comes from the light even if it has morphed and changed into something else as we as humans experiment with duality.  However, when you bring the light into your consciousness and body, it will always shine on what needs to be released to be brought back into the light.  You need only to listen, look, and ask.  You have free will, and yes there is divine will too.  However, if energies are sent to manipulate out of fear, jealousy, pain, whatever the root, free will will allow you to cleanse and clear your field no matter what.  


Be alert daily and meditate.  Flush your energy field as well with light.  See the light in these summer days (for the western world and even in non-summer times) moving through you whole body like water purifying it.  See violet light erasing symbols of control out of your body.  You do not have to be imprinted with old family baggage, and you do not have to be imprinted with the energies of others.  You can hold your own vibration through intent and consciousness.  


Sometimes, the more light you bring in, the more things may seems to push up against you, challenge…but this is all illusion.  There are no opposites.  Merge all into unity, for at this time, we move into unity consciousness if we choose.  Remain neutral and watch all that tries to bring you into focus on densities.  The truth is that all came from the light, and in the end will return to it.  Hold this knowing in your consciousness and nothing will ever harm you for you are all eternal souls.  This life is your playground to experience aspects of existence.  However, if you have grown tired of certain experiences, hold the light on them, and then witness them with neutrality.  They will merge together with the parts that are healed.


We are all powerful beings.  We can choose to use our energy for balance, for peace, for light, or we can choose to compete, to control, and to fear.  I feel many have grown tired of this latter phenomena, but they wish to not see it within the self.  Even if you feel you do not function this way, know you are one with all things on an unconscious (or for some conscious) level.  You must transmute this if it is still in your space.  You may find you need to transmute it over and over again, even maybe for the rest of this life.  Know it may be for the collective.  Do it with joy.  Do it with acceptance.   We then LOVE one another by being this way.




With light,


Ariah Velasquez



Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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Information for Those Interested in the Healer/Mentorship Program 

Private mentorship sessions will not be like you are used to for those who have had healings with me.  They will actually each be a 45 minute talk where I give a transmission based on each topic of the session.  Then there will be 30 minutes for you to share your experience and insights during the transmission session, and ask one question that is related to your life.  I will then spend some time answering and this portion is actually a healing, but in more light frequency fashion, not in a Pleiadian Lightwork style where you look individually at each detail.  Becoming your true highest self is no longer about looking at each detail to every problem in your life.  It is about becoming your Christed/Bhuddic/Self which melts away all the problems as a by product of living this light and love merged into oneness.  I know each and every one of you IS this light and love. I look forward to walking hand and hand on this journey with you. With light,





Please email Mark at for any questions.

Mentorship Program Course Outline

12 Private Sessions (one hour and 15 minutes) (One a month)

3 in person session M-W

Session 1: You and Your Healing Gifts

Session 2:  Awakening your full ability to heal and transmit healing power

Session 3: Become One with the Love that YOU are

Session 4: Finding your Divine Truth and Releasing Old Stories

Session 5: Becoming One With Your Divine Truth

Session 6: Bringing Your Own Divine Truth as an Active Force in Your Life

Session 7: Being the KNOWING that you are the healer

Session 8: Your Life Becomes a Constant State of Emanating Healing Light/Love

Session 9: What Type of Healer are YOU? A Saint, A Freer, An Alchemist?

Session 10: Becoming free from the Illusion

Session 11: Owning Your Power

Session 12: Initiation into the transmission of GRACE.

In Person Group 3 Day Retreats:

Session 1: Initiation to being your Bhudda/Christ Nature; Activation of the True Nature of the Mind.

Session 2: Initiation into the Light

Session 3: Being the Light as a Blesser

Ariah Velasquez - Being Your Amazing, Unique Self- May 8th 2014 


Hello! I'm back. Until…well, the next time.  Yes, it's been a while since I've done one of these, but I know they are helpful.  This is one of my ways I have been called to be of service.  So enjoy, this latest infusion of honesty, spirit, and insights.  I have undergone my own metamorphosis, lightening more of my human load. May this translate into a balance between joyfulness while holding the "seriousness" of these matters .  You could say, it was the Mystic Christ that did it, deepening my love for all, and for self.  And that Mystic Christ is me and you.  We are the living body of the Christ manifested now in several forms.  Or the living body of whichever Ascended forms you relate to.  Perhaps it's the Buddha.  It's all one anyway. Basically we are ascended humans living in least we always are in one time and space.  You see, all time is now. Multiple realities exist all at once.  It's ok if you don't believe this fully.  Try the idea on for maybe a day, and see how it feels. See if it allows you to live life more as the way you want to live. And that leads me gracefully into todays topic.


It's not always so simple to be you; to live life functioning in a way that works best for who you and I are as individuals, with our own design.  This week, the theme for my work with clients has been living life exactly in a way that supports who you are, and what you are here to do.  Sounds so simple doesn't it? I mean, it's YOU. Shouldn't it be easy to just do what you were put here to do?  Oh dear, but then there is that unconscious mind. Oh, and don't forget the pesky samskaras trapped in our nadis.  If I have lost some of you with this Hindu lingo, please do look it up.  Oh, fine,I'll just tell you. It's the karmas that get trapped in our meridians.  It is often, the blocks that hold us back, that we don't even know about.  That's why mantra and meditation is so darn helpful.  It works it's alchemy into those nadis, and brings in more light to the darkness.  One of my favorites for this is Sai Baba's version of the Gayatri Mantra.  Boy, is that powerful.  Or girl, is that strong!

I hear so many want to change jobs, or do something they have always dreamed of to finally be happy…and yet there is something in the way from actualizing it.  One of the biggest things in the way is simply fear.  And another is lack of commitment for doing what it takes to make it happen.  These two reasons result in the environment, or your reality, blocking you from the very thing you want.  It will show up like an impossible mountain that is not your fault.  It will show up as a life circumstance that keeps you trapped in the old home you used to live in, or the job that no longer serves you.  It will show up as a health issue that hinders us from having energy to do it. And it will show up as a childhood experience that taught us the wrong way to be.  Are you getting the picture?  It shows up as something outside of you that stays the reason why you can't do that very thing.  It is conniving, and a trickster.  It makes us think we are powerless for this change.

OK, well, the beings of light, spirit, and our higher selves have come to kick some butt today.  They are here this week starting NOW, to awaken us to our personal power to change our reality by uncovering where we have placed blame on the external.  So right now, summon your divine team to intervene.  Ask your divine team, to help you witness where you have blocked your path.  Then simply acknowledge what you learn, and then love it.  Yes, LOVE IT! Love the blocks like they are your little children wanting to be held. And in a very short while, if you really, truly love what you dislike, it will melt away in the arms of your divine presence.  At least the first layer of blockage.  Then do it again, and again, until you have emptied out that area in the being.

Do pay attention when you are getting closer to releasing the stagnancy, because sometimes you may get a reaction from people.  They may see you are about to change, and they may criticize, get angry, or even appear as a scenario where you are being asked to let go of something.  For example, one client was told she was not good at her current job.  This is because she is meant to actually move to a higher position in her job world, and so the Universe is making it uncomfortable to stay stuck in the old.  Does this make sense to you?  It's your time now! You never know what each day holds, or when it is your time to leave this planet.  Don't waste your days feeling trapped and afraid.  We are meant to fully live now.  It's ok if you don't have a desire to move mountains (something another client said to me).  Perhaps, your gift is to love.  Just to purely love your family.  Maybe the happiness will be fulfilled not when you change jobs, but figure out what is blocking you from fully loving.  Ask to see what it is you are truly unhappy about.  Is it only appearing as money or a person?  It may be actually where you haven't put your attention.

As usual, I send my light to you in these words.  If you have read this today, you must have really needed it.  I put a transmission of my love from my Mystic Christ lineage in this today.  I don't always do that, but for some reason, I thought you really needed it.



With light and humor (alway),


Ariah Velasquez


Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com



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Loving Your Pain- December 5th, 2013 


Loving Your Pain

You are both the human experiencing the pain, and the consciousness that is watching it all holding you in its most compassionate arms. You merely need to focus on the part that is holding it and watch, and love. Don’t TRY to do this. Just allow and intend. See what happens.

No, this is not some S and M post or anything; this is about YOU receiving energy NOW for your consciousness to be able to be in pain (when and if you are), while simultaneously being the angel in your life that just watches the pain and loves the YOU that is experiencing it. Let me explain.

Realize now, that the majority of your pain, as a divine being on the path, is not even your own. That you are healing and experiencing the collective consciousness. You, as a being, who is a lightworker, wayshower, tends to be tapped into that. You have not been left behind.  While you see some in bliss, know all things go in cycles.  You are right where you need to be.  We all come here to help in different ways.  This may be your way.  This pain is not personal, though it seems that way. What quality of pain have you been asked to hold and love? Is it loneliness? Is it frustration? Release yourself from taking it so seriously. Become the viewer of it and now as you read this, let the energy of this letter help your heart become the vaster being that says,”Ah, yes, that is how you feel. I know it is hard. Yes my dear. I’m here for you”. Let it melt in the love that you are.

With light, Ariah

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com,

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Ariah Velasquez - How to Free Yourself from Long-Term, Stubborn Issues- 25 April 2013 




A 40 Day Meditation Practice geared towards releasing obstacles is extremely helpful. In numerology, 40 days breaks a pattern or habit.  The interesting part about breaking a habit, is you may do so through unexpected means.  For example, during your 40 day practice, you may find that you discover something that can clear an obstacle in your life you never knew before.  You may find a way to say something to a person that makes them finally understand as well.  Simply doing the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung, invokes the removal of obstacles, and change in ones destiny, and a release of negativity.  Placing the hands in Bhudi mudra (thumbs touching the pinky) on each hand, with the palms facing up accompanied by chanting the above mantra for 40 days can truly clear something stubborn in a powerful way.


Sometimes, in order to clear stubborn issues, you may have to physically cleanse.  When old issues stay lodged in our psyche and energy field long enough, they eventually turn physical.  You may have worked on one issue for a long time, but then failed to remove it from your body.  For this reason, I suggest a 7 day cleanse, and an examination of where you are taking in too much dairy, antibiotic ridden meat, and high sugar carbohydrates.  In fact, research has shown that yeast and parasites in the gut can cause deep emotional problems such as OCD Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. These foods above often are the root of yeast and parasites.  75% of life is perception and your problems may not seem like problems when you remove the mental ailments that are actually often caused by food.


Lastly, surrender it over to the grace of Great Spirit/all that is/God/The Universe.  Pray. Ask for grace and ease. I find working with the Elohim of Divine Mercy and the Divine Light, as well as the Ascended Master Jesus Christ of the light helps to have divine intervention quick.  Sometimes people feel deterred from these two beings because they have been attached to religious dogma, however, these beings as their own entities are actually quite loving, powerful, and helpful.  Saint Jude specifically is called in for desperate times, and hopelessness; for problems that no matter what you do, won't seem to change.  I find asking for help in sets of three sends a focused, potent message to your guides and spirit realms.  Simply saying: I call forth The Elohim of Divine Mercy of the Highest Divine light and the Ascended Master Jesus Christ of the Highest Divine light to help me with ______ (fill in the issue) that is so hopeless and causing me so much despair. Say 3 times. Many I have worked with have found this to help within 24 hours!  Also, when you call these beings and add on  "of the Divine Light", you are specifically asking to connect with the highest aspect of this being no matter what history has said they are associated with.  This helps for aspects that you might not resonate with about that being when they were in human form. 


Yes, we are all one, but don't you have specific gifts and skills personally that are highly developed? When you call in specific beings that are aligned with specific gifts and focuses they have attuned their vibration to, you can invoke the particular help you are needing.  In this oneness, we all have developed our own skill set. 


With much love, in this time of the lunar eclipse, and full moon in Scorpio today, it is a powerful time to start to purify old stubborn issues. The time is now to be free. 



With Light,


Ariah Velasquez


We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com,

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The Illusion That Money Can Impulse 


This months theme has truly been around money for many. Money can be a beautiful exchange of energy or it can be a control device. Money may give a false sense of power, grandiosity, or the flip side can represent freedom.  Money can make people feel like the hero or the savior to others, but then can end up enabling those to not feel their full power.  Money can build the ego and cause it to think you need certain things that go along with lots of money, the clothes, the traditional beautiful people, and the false sense that other should give respect to you because you hold the key to freedom in this world supposedly.  However, respect comes deeply to those who truly respect and love themselves no matter what they have materialized on the outside.

I am amazed at how illusionary money power can cause people to be blind to themselves and their issues.  To truly see ourselves, we need to be able to hear truth without defensiveness or resistance. In fact, if you hear something and immediately feel a visceral response to defend inside the body, chances are there is some truth to what is being said to you.

I listened to a video recently with Yogi Bhajan speaking, and let me tell you he is fierce when he speaks. Not sweet at all! He was speaking to the group about how the neuroticism of people cause them to constantly judge and pick on the things he says.  Those listening to spiritual insights immediately want to jump in and say, that is not true, or this is true.  Why not sit in the neutral mind and receive, absorbing whatever wishes to awaken something that needs conscious love?  Why react with anger to prove that you are ok, against what is heard?

Those whose life is consumed by making money, may very well make it, but there is another way to make it that will bring you much more fulfillment: LOVE and GROUNDING TO SOURCE. The grounding is especially important because the LOVE without grounding equals flakiness.  Love with grounding equals knowing of your worth, feeling tremendous self-love, that it overflows and pours out not only to those you speak to, but also pours out as ENERGY which attracts, more energy including money.  Speaking love, does not always mean sweetness.  It can be, but sometimes words need to be fierce.  Sometimes when people are in deep illusion and ego, you need to speak words loudly or intensely with no more sugar coats.  This is my lineage way.

This week, take a look at your relationship to money.  How does it consume you? How does it build you and add to your life, and how does it detract?  Ask in at least 3,  11 minute meditations to see yourself clearly and how money plays itself out in your life.

-Simply sit quietly, and call your higher self in.

-Then ask for 3 images to appear in your minds eye as information about your relationship to money.

-When the images appear, see if you can come up with 3 faulty beliefs that you are holding in the mind and body that are detracting from your fullness around money.

- For example, is there a belief that you must continue to work a certain job? Or is there judgments about how others should act with money?  Judgements and triggers about other people are information for yourself.  Clear these beliefs through finding where they rest in your body by saying them out loud and then thank them for being there. Yes, honor even your faulty beliefs.

-Next, breathe them out of the body and create 3 new affirmations for a new way you would like to live or a new belief you would like to have.

Example Belief: I have a lot of money, therefore people SHOULD treat me a certain way since this money gives me power in some form.

When you say this belief, let’s say you feel it in the 3rd chakra.

Next: I thank you body for holding this, I no longer need you, I release you. Exhale.

Affirm: I treat others as equals, and when they reflect to me something I do not like, I examine myself.

Do you see the difference? One way has entitlement, and the other way has consciousness!

I thank you for reading for you are me and I am you. We are one. Your souls complete my soul. “I am made whole by your life. Each soul, each soul completes me.”~ Hafiz  Let’s heal this together. We are in this together.

Peace, Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister. http://www.blissfullifecounseling.com

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Increasing the Silence 


Increasing the silence within will allow you to see the deep things you have been longing for, needing, or struggling with.  This silence can come in many ways, but the silence is about quieting the areas in the mind and psyche that are activated towards pain.  The silence can come from transmission from a teacher, an "A-HA" moment, meditation, or by mistake in the wee small hours of the morning, usually the holy hour around 3am.  If you wake at around this time, you are probably being asked by your higher self to increase the silence somewhere that is activated inside of you.


An exercise to increase inner silence:

Try getting up a half hour earlier than normal one day this week.

Sit and listen to yourself.

Review what happened the day before and reflect on what has been hurting you.

Next ask your higher self to fill your tube of light and activate your silver cord.

Ask your higher self to reveal to you, what it is you have deeply been needing, longing for.

Sit and listen.

When you receive your answer, allow yourself to experience any grief about this. Let it well up inside and come out fully. This might be tears.

Next, call in a Heart Activation Chamber of Light from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Ask that they bring it around you to soothe and open the heart to receive more of what you are needing. Sit and receive this. When you feel it is complete,

refresh your grounding cord (see a cord of light going from your 1st or 2nd chakra into the Earth Star Crystal in the center of the Earth).

Affirm: I increase the silence in all areas of wounding. And so it is, so be it.

Go on with your day knowing you are increasing the silence by making space for yourself and for the heart to open.


Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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Love is Mystical 

Love is Mystical



Yes, love is mystical.  It is an alchemical process between source, spirit, and the heart.  It is who we are, and all that is.  How beings get to love in physical form has a majickal quality to it, because it is nothing that can be touched, this knowing and feeling of love.  It just is. 


    Realizing your own oneness can help with your ability to love.  As your soul heals, your brain heals,  and thus you begin to experience more and more this state of oneness.  You begin to break through the blocks that the brain has had from experiencing the true nature of reality.  The more you become merged with all things, the less your heart is closed.  You see, as you begin to feel the true connection to all things, it is impossible to hide and shield the heart.  The heart becomes free of the illusion of walls, as the body and spirit becomes free of them to.  The heart begins to merge with all that is, including your partners spiritual self.  With this merge, comes understanding the truth of who your partner is, and therefore the most profound experience of compassion you could  ever know. If you are merged with all that they are, how could you not see they come from love and light?  All the little things they do melt away more quickly, even though, your ego and mind may react or dislike aspects of their actions or personality.  It is your personality that judges something is good or bad, not your divine self that lies in the state of oneness.

    A client asked me once how the latter could be true when she knows in her heart killing or causing someone harm is "bad".  Here is the distinction: actions hold a frequency.  As you evolve, your desire to experience certain frequencies changes.  So it is not about one being bad or good.  Essentially all stems from God, because God is in everything.  Every experience is merely that: an experience.  So when you have decided something is bad, it means you no longer need to experience harming or the frequency of karma and pain on that level.  It is our higher selves wish that we all reach that place now as soon as possible, and yet, as beings birthed from all that is, from source, from God, we are given free will because Source has 

allowed us to experience free will even though we are a part of the whole.  It is when we surrender to divine will that we know we are reaching a spiritual consciousness that is merging closer and closer back to where we came from: the divine source which is light. 

The more we return to that essential source, the easier we can be conduits and receivers of love.  We are free of the blocks that make us feel seperate and therefore we don't NEED anything from another. We just need them to be.  Of course, they might have personality traits that match our personality traits, but beyond personality, unconditional love lives, and it is in this that relationships may thrive. 

    This is an excerpt from Ariah Velasquez' upcoming book release:  Love Lives: A guide to a successful relationship through communication, spirituality, and empathy.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond 


As we access more and more who we really are through the recurring intent of taking in light, we shine quite brightly I must say! The glow we see coming out of ourselves and those awakening is not just from healthy foods. It is also from the taking in light as food with conscious intent.

The diamond light frequency is powerful for your evolution, your light body, and healing. For many years, I have used this frequency to realign, and I have offered it to clients as an option to stay in balance. The diamond light is a vehicle to connect you to your most highest self. When visualizing the diamond light above you and then entering your body, you are essentially experiencing this merge as a 5th dimensional being. Visualizing = happening when their is enough of a powerful charge attached to the vision.

Your soul matrix, (the place where the soul anchors), is also shaped like a diamond, so when you align with diamond energy, it helps your blueprint align with the true nature of your soul’s highest intent. You also create a grid of energy that holds the frequency of diamond light, which is quite pure in it’s actual essence. You do not need physical diamonds to experience the diamond, you only need your thought and intent to.

The result of allowing this diamond light in is not only a blissful feeling inside, but it has a clearing effect, and tunes you up, like an instrument. I first learned this technique from one of my first teachers, Amorah Quan Yin, many years ago, and I have used it almost every day since. Here is a way to access the diamond light activation below:

Diamond Light Meditation:

Ground yourself by visualizing a deep violet cord of light coming out of your lower chakra (either 1st or 2nd). See this cord of light going deep into the Earth Star Crystal in the center of the Earth.

Next, call forth the Overlighting Deva of Diamond light to join you.

See the diamond octahedron above your crown. Now welcome the diamond like to come into your crown.

See it moving down the spine until it hits the tailbone. Now send a little down the legs, and let the diamond light curl up the center of the body.

When it reaches the shoulders, see a little bit spill down the arms and then let it complete it’s cycle up the center of the neck and face.

Let it begin again and now imagine you have a switch next to this floating diamond that says manual or automatic. Switch it to automatic and intend that this diamond energy run on automatic for as long as your body needs it.

This will give you an energy boost, and as long as you are balanced in your diet as well, and keeping your thoughts towards joy, you will emanate the glow of your true self daily when including this practice. I share this today because I think it is important not to just deliver information, but also practical tools on how to live life as your higher self. These tools I share are precious to me.

Hope this helps! With much love,

Ariah Velasquez

We are one.

How to Truly Create Abundance 



Abundance is usually what people refer to as money, however, abundance means a great deal more than that.  You could say, abundance is an overflowing cup of energy. Whether you want that energy to be uplifting or not is your choice. However, many find money to be the pesky part about abundance that they cannot conquer, so I will focus a bit on this aspect specifically today as well as the big picture of abundance. 

When we focus on emotions like anger, resentment, and depression, we tend to drain abundance in all aspects of our lives.  Also, when we tend to focus on work that drains our energy, we tend to fall ill over time, thus draining the abundant physical energy we have. 

So then, one key here is focus.  Yes, many of us have heard, focus on what you do want, and then you will create it.  Except, it doesn't quite always work just from this alone.  Finding out what you like to do, getting clear, and then taking actions toward that desire is paramount. Yet, too many people worry if they take action, and release themselves from doing what they don't want, that they will then go without and not be able to take care of themselves.  It indeed takes courage to do what you want, and you may have some time periods where you  struggle a bit.

In my own experience, even in those periods of struggle, somehow things always seemed to work themselves out. They may not have always looked as I thought they should.  I may have had to sleep on a floor or two, but yet I still slept. The point is, what we think is the worst case scenario when we let go and live our gifts, is usually not as bad as we think once we get there. 

Here is a scenario:

Dreamer:  Has a dream, but feels like they can't get what they want.  There is often fear about money, and being able to take care of one self.

Universe: First responds to some of the doubts the dreamer has about being good enough or  being able to accomplish  their dream since the Universe is the dreamer's reflection.  The dreamer then suffers from what appears to be their dream not happening.

Now here is where the important part lies. When you hit the phase above, it is important to then go deeper into the dream and find new, innovative ways to create the outcome of what you want to make money doing.

For me, it was finding a room to rent and do healings and counseling with people, even when I had very little clients at the time. I found a space that I could rent only by the hour. Yet, I believed in myself enough to keep trying.

Doing things to gain confidence at what you want

Sometimes getting trained in something gives you the confidence. Even if you already have all the skills you need, if you have no training in it, there may be an unconscious place inside that believes you don't deserve to make money at it if you haven't put effort in training.  So I always encourage people to take classes, workshops, and read, so you feel you have put effort into growing at your craft.  If anything, this convinces the unconscious mind that it is worthy.

Lack of motivation

Sometimes the problem is also not being organized or motivated to try the very thing you want to do. If this is the case, take a look at this issue in a multi-faceted way. Are you eating foods that bring your energy level down, and make you feel tired and unmotivated? Are you overdoing coffee or alcohol, thus feeling tired and crashing from these things later in the day? Food has a lot to do with motivation.  Take some B vitamins to increase your daily energy. Also, for focusing issues on a physical level,  blue green algae can really assist  brain chemistry.

For emotional and spiritual reasons for lack of motivation,  take a look deeply at any messages and self-sabotage beliefs you may be holding in your being, and let these beliefs be set free simply by becoming conscious of them and then intending to set them free.  Are their old childhood messages about how you should live in the world? Did you learn growing up that you can only make money at "regular jobs?"  Or on the flip side, are you not being practical? For example, you may be the kind of person  that does not like to plan anything. You may feel elevated only when doing what you are in the mood to do.  Many get confused here on Earth  because we are taught in many  spiritual systems to be present.   However, their needs to be a balance between letting things flow, versus, deciding the flow.  This is the middle path.   You see, it is not about just doing it when in the mood. Merging the spirit world and the physical world is a huge piece of balancing this out.  You may have to sometimes start projects or create a schedule for yourself that you stick to so that you can get things done.  This may feel against your grain, but it is just step one to leading the life you want.  The ultimate goal is to only work when in the mood, but you can only get there in phases. Keep focused on what you want and take action towards it daily.  As you build your new abundant life, you will find you have more power over when and how things happen in your daily schedule.  

I also see people looking into their future reality, and seeing the final outcome, as the first outcome they want. Realize, that even if you start small, with constant focus, intention, and flexibility, the abundance will happen.  Try not to be attached to the timing either.  Trust in your ability to create and know the divine timing is set just right for your manifestation of abundance doing what you love. The flexibility part means you allow the outcomes and the path to change as you see where the Universe is guiding you and fueling what you are doing. For example, you may have  one idea you think is great, but the deeper you go into it, and put energy towards it through action, the more you are being pulled towards taking the gifts you have towards something else you did not expect.  Watch the energy and flow. Do not fight against it when it is strong.

Being drained by conflict

I spoke at the beginning that we can drain our abundance in all aspects of our lives when we focus too much on conflicts.  Even if there are people in your life that bring conflict into your reality, do not let that be your  focus. Deal with it only as it comes up, and then train the mind to not even think about the person, persons, or situation.  Too many times people want to be right, and so then they ruminate over what has happened, or should be happening with others.  All this is doing is harming your own life, so make a conscious choice to shift your thinking every time you see yourself going into the viscous loop of over-thinking about what other people are doing.  Do not worry about whether someone is acting the way you think they should, or coming from ego, or in the same dimension as you.  Let them be exactly where they are. If they don't do something you like, then acknowledge it only briefly and then quickly shift your focus to what you want abundance of in you life: love, joy, abundance of work using your unique gifts etc.  If you find yourself consumed by thoughts about others, then do some inner healing on self.  Here is a self-healing on how to release others below to assist.  This may seem separate from creating money and abundance, but I promise you, it is not.

Healing for Releasing Feelings and Attachment to Conflict with Others

Ground yourself by visualizing deep roots going into the Earth. 

Imagine a beautiful violet flame, a shield for transmutation around your whole body and energy field.

Call forth your ancestors of the divine light to assist you as well as the circle of Divine Great Grandmothers of planet Earth of the light.  Ask them to assist you, to hold you, to nurture you, and give you wisdom in this situation.  Tell them you wish to be free of focus on others outside yourself and for grace to come into your conflict.

Call in and activate your own higher self connection by asking your higher self of the light to fill up the central channel in your body with higher self energy. Breathe deep.

Call now the higher self of the light of the person, persons involved in the situation. Ask there permission on a soul level if you may send light to them for their healing. Sit and listen. You may feel a yes, not hear a yes necessarily. (If you get a no, then do this process for yourself only.  I have never heard a no. Most people don't want to be in conflict on a higher self level).

Call now in the white light of Christ consciousness. See the Christ light bathing them in light, melting away whatever it is you have sensed from them. What do you think they are upset about, even if you don't agree?  See the white Christ light melting the roots of their pain, and then melting the external manifestation of it (what they say or do).

Now send love and forgiveness to your self first for whatever your part is, and even forgiveness to self for draining your own energy by this focus. See the white light of Christ consciousness now flooding through your whole body. 

Lastly, send forgiveness to them.  It doesn't matter how big or small what they did or are doing is.  Not forgiving them only harms yourself. Send forgiveness by simply intending forgiveness be sent to them. Sometimes you can see your forgiveness as a color or light bathing them. 

Close out your healing session by affirming, I release all focus on conflict with ____(fill in the blank). I am free to be abundant in the joy, love, and using my gifts in this world. And so it is. So be it.

Thank the ancestors and grandmothers for assisting in this session as well as the Christ energies. You can substitute Buddha or any other deity you feel has a high light frequency in this healing.

Watch as this behind the scenes healing helps your life so you may focus on what is important. You and your abundant gifts.  You are a light in this world, and you deserve all that both the physical world and spiritual world holds. This includes whatever we use as currency here, or being abundant through bartering for your needs. Try not pay attention to the numbers in the bank account. Are people doing things for you for free? Is abundance showing up in different forms as well? Pay attention. 

I see now all reading this, gaining the missing pieces towards their abundant life. I wish for all to live their most greatest life now, living a life of fullness and joy. And so it is.


Ariah Velasquez


We are one. Ariah Velasquez is a new-thought minister, Pleaidian healer, and counselor. and http://

Sharing and copying ok if nothing is changed and links above are included. Copyright 2013.

Enter the Rabbit Hole and Fearlessly Create 


Hold on with commitment, because even though it seems like we're going up in this New Earth, we're actually going in. Wow. This ride is not for the faint of heart. It can be a vulnerable and volatile time as you go deeper and deeper into your rabbit hole. The deeper you go, the more you will find the illusion can test you with more intense, more covert manifestations. People will question you more than before, they will tell you that you are crazy, got it wrong, are not authentic, are dark and not light, and you will know this means that you are going in deeper, emanating more light to attract the response. And then it is your role to not go into feeling powerful from the attention, because whether it is negative or positive attention, it does not matter. It is feeding the energy body. So you must constantly check in with the self and release the need to be important, release the need to be special, release the need to be right. We are all, all of these things. Parallel realities allow us to be everything. 


I love the quote from Rumi (gosh he is good):

 "The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth."

This reflects truly what I say above. The need for humans to know it all, be righteous, and separate us vs. them is strong on this planet in one reality. Yet there is a dual consciousness going on all at once here, where the need for humans to feel connected and to say we are innocent, and know nothing with lots to learn is also is pervasive. Which do you choose? 


I find the more I go into the deep rabbit hole, the more I know nothing.  And even saying that could be a trick of the mind and a reason for it to tell you: "See you are so evolved now. You think you know nothing". Oh boy, this can get really intense. You can loop within the loop, within the loop, within the loop. That is why enlightenment is emptiness. At least, I think it is! Lol! All you have dear ones is your experience.  This is all that matters. This is your enlightenment.  There has always only been one and that is you. You choose how you experience the Universe and what makes it the splendid place to be.  


In my own experience, when I have felt the most clear, it has been when I have felt this emptiness I speak of.  To me, when I get the blessing of experiencing it (for with me it still comes and goes), I am a gurgling babylike consciousness, that is full of sweetness and wonder.  I have no thoughts that are charged with anything. I am innocent and love itself. When I have had this experience, I have not asked for it, at least not in that particular moment. It merely surfaces, because it always was.


And yet, there are ways to enter the rabbit hole more frequently. Deeply sharing yourself and accessing your creative nature will trigger it.  Do you notice when you get inspired by something, a book, a movie, a thought, you at times can go into this place of feeling deeply at peace and relaxed? Well, you have just entered the rabbit hole. 


Creativity is a key to accessing all that you are for you are truly a creative being.  Why is it that those who express their creativity often are the leaders on planet Earth? It does not matter if you are in the arts.  Being creative means you utilize this place of inspiration within the heart to share. When you do this, you immediately become a leader because your manifestation as a creator activates within others their desire to create. Oh, what a sweet canvas. How fun this life can be. 


Creations of all, light and dark, are only just the outcome of the intention underneath. I have heard someone say once why does spirit not hear when I say negative things? Why does spirit only listen to the positive, and not when I say I don't want something? You are spirit itself simply in separate form.  When you don't want, you have a vibration attached to that. You vibration is not what you say. It is the spirit behind it that creates. Do not blame it on spirit, source, and the Universe not listening. You are all that. 


As you go deeper and deeper into the spiral of life, claim your creativity, and shine it out to the world. Many I talk to say they do not know what is there's to shine out to the world. They say they do not know what they find passion in. Here is a brief healing I share to access the creative you that was and is always there.


Sit quietly, in the morning time, early morning if possible. 


Drink something, warm, and calming.  Even if it has caffeine, as long as it calms you and balances you that is fine. 


Make your whole purpose of getting up to simply listen. Listen to yourself, listen to the environment you sit in. Just listen.


Next call in your higher self of the light to fill your tube of light up. The tube of light is your central channel that runs through your chakras, also known as the Shushumna. 


Now ask you receive this transmission from your higher self the creativity activation, and the direct connection to the true nature of your mind. Visualize your mind dropping into you heart. Intend to feel the bliss of this merge.


End this activity by visualizing a huge violet flame encasing your whole energy field. Leave it around yourself for the rest of the day. It will help you transform.


This is very simple. Do this for 40 days. Listen to you dreams during the 40 days. You may receive visitations early in the mornings by aspects of the self, the one, the source, appearing in forms like Jesus, The Buddha, Mary Magdalene, the Pleaidians, other beings you feel aligned with. Be prepared to open up your sight into a new room. See what comes up. Be with it.


These words are encoded with healing and light.


With much love,


Ariah Velasquez


We are one. Ariah Velasquez is a new-thought minister, Pleaidian healer and and Copyright 2013. All right reserved.

The Light and Dark Spectrum are the Same When Transformed 



The Light and Dark Spectrum are the Same When Transformed


The more challenging the energy that appears to be sent out to you is, the more you expand into your light if you so choose. Say to that energy: "Thank you  darkness for coming to me, appearing to be sent from someone or something outside of me, for it strongly coerces me to turn more inward, and to have to expand bigger in my light,  to absorb the pain energy the illusion of this reality is showing me. Thank you. Is it really energy sent from outside of yourself? All only exists within ones perception and consciousness. All is you, and you are all. And yet, at times, it feels like it is something coming in from outside. So, we must then, dear souls, go in again.


Why do humans learn from pain? We can also learn from joy, so why pain so much more frequently? We are purifying our souls past, and the only way for it to release at times is to experience that which is still there left to transform.  We also have soul agreements we made before entering body that include certain lessons we want to learn.  We may actually want to learn about light, or enlightenment and we do so then by experiencing mirrors that are the opposite.  Then we really know the difference.   Joy is easy to experience (for most), and so why would we need to grow and evolve if our life was always an experience of joy? This is the concept of duality that we are able to release now more into the light if we wish. Duality is an old concept and many have prophecized that we are entering the end of duality.  But is it completely ever gone or is it just transformed? I say the latter and the reason why is because there is no difference between the dark and the light.  Our consciousness has the ability to sit and free itself of judgement of anything that comes our way.  It has the ability to look at it with neutrality, and then experience of joy or pain actually becomes the same.


  Does this mean you become a numbed out person? No, not at all. It means you free yourself of judgment of what is occurring. This brings great freedom as when you free yourself from judgment, you free yourself from suffering. Now this does not mean that the light doesn't have a different feeling or intention under it. And yet, in the vastness of the Universe, the source of all that is, sees only experiences. 


When you sit in a state of non-judgment, surrendering to what is, there is no need to control.  Control is a waste of energy. Spend your energy on uplifting yourself because in this true state of oneness that is the nature of this reality, this heals all. Let what is be what it is, and then from the expansion of your soul, you will see that these other frequencies just fall away. It's similar to the metaphor that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.  Frequencies of pain cannot exist in an expanded nature. 


How else can we transform the souls wounding being sent to us through the mirror of this reality? Here is a short meditation below to assist. Again, I use mantra as the vibration of these sacred words to transcend the minds need to understand.


Transforming Soul Wounding Meditation:


In the evening time, go into a peaceful place in your home and light a candle. I highly recommend also a salt lamp to move out any electromagnetic frequency interference and to purify the space you are in as well. 


Relax yourself first through a warm bath, with a warm cup of tea, or whatever else usually relaxes you.


Next lay down and focus on your heart space. Place your right hand over your left hand on top of your 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. Invoke protection and the Sikh lineage to shield you by saying first 3x's:


Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This means I call upon divine wisdom. It is a tuning in mantra. You can do this and be of whatever spiritual belief system. This is not a dogma. It is  simply a frequency. 


Next begin to take deep breaths into the heart and begin to tune into a blissful sensation in the heart, even if there is pain there. The pain can quickly feel no different than the bliss merely through intention.


Begin to imagine you can go deep into your heart with your consciousness. It is a cavern that leads to a vast place. See even your body entering this vast place through the portal of the heart. In this vast place you are now in a pure place of crystalline white light. Sit in this place for a while. Feel the peace and bliss of this place. 


Now keeping the hands on the solar plexus, begin the mantra:

Hari Nam Satnam Hari Nam Hari, Hari Nam Satnam, Satnam Hari.  


You may want to memorize this before starting the process. This mantra is used to turn challenges into gifts. It also brings good luck, and it has a mystical aspect to it that makes you feel one with God, All That Is.  There is much more this mantra can do, but it will be based on what your individual souls needs are. Do this for 11, 22, or 33 minutes.


I share these blogs and information to help others in on processes that have helped my clients and myself to live here on this planet as their heaven on earth. There is no guru, no one person who knows better. As we share the tools, insights, and gifts we have been blessed to discover, we transform our world into a place and reality filled with unconditional love. This is the purpose of life. To love.




Ariah Velasquez

Live Each Day Knowing You Are Eternal 


Have you ever noticed that one day life may feel like the events that happen in your world have altered the course of your life permanently? One really intense day may feel like a shock to the system because we foresee these events are detrimental to a joyful life.  Though it’s true for many that at times life may seem like it is challenging and painful, it’s just as true that often the following day  everything has turned itself around or shifted to a new place. The Buddhist philosophy focuses on understanding life’s impermanence. It is through that understanding, that suffering is released. Though impermanence does not mean we disappear. It merely means we change form. 

The saying “wade it out” comes to mind as we truly embrace the impermanence of life because if you are patient you will see all passes by, especially your feelings. After all, even this form you hold is only temporary. Your thoughts are not your thoughts, feelings not your feelings. What I mean by this, is they are not yours to keep and hold on to. They are creations meant to be released. I also mean that these thoughts and feelings have come out of no where also known as the void. They come into your consciousness, and then they dissolve. And then another one comes in, and then another.  In a sense, these thoughts are thinking you!

Many existential philosophers as well as Freud believed that all suffering is rooted in the fear of death…aka impermanence. Freud also said in so many words that this fear creates compulsions, anxiety, and many of the mental problems people have today.  I mean, think about it: we can trace all problems back to fear when we really break them down, and if everyone believed and knew that they were an eternal being constantly just changing form, they would more easily let each day go by in surrender.  Frustration wouldn’t really exist because humans would know that their would be another day or existence to work out the things we long for in life. This is kind of the opposite of what many say: live each day like it is your last. I say, live each day, like you are eternal…because you are! Even when you lose this container, this body, you have a choice to go into another one or remain in a spirit form…still a form, just a new room, a new reality.

In 5D reality, you are formless and in form all at once, you are ever changing depending on your creation. Create yourself as an expanded, vast being, and that is what your life will become. In practical terms, when you have a bad day, try to take to look at the bigger picture that life can offer you. This is just one day, and just as your emotions come and go, so will this day. Even a person’s current view or reaction to you can come and go. You can hit a reset button everyday if you like by intending that all your interactions and events of the day before be completely reset. Expect something different, and you will get it.

I have a Sikh mantra I was blessed to find that I use to reset my day to day life. I find when I use it, not only are the powerful words encoded with a history of people’s energies that have mastered what I talk of here, but it also states clear intention for this reset to occur. I will share it with you here. All you do is say it 11 times a day and watch your life become reinvented.

The significance of 11 is that our nervous system and brain patterns clear after certain mantras are said 11 times or chanted for 11 minutes depending on the mantra.  In numerology, 11 also has the vibration of mastery and balance. Our world is made up of mathematics, energy, and light. This is why the significance of numbers actually can alter our consciousness. We can literally change our own cellular sacred geometry. Our cells and body viewed on the atomic level are made of up of geometric shapes and codes. We can alter our coding through intention and mantra.

The 32nd Pauri of Japji

Ik du jibhau lakh hoh hoveh lakh vis.

Lakh lakh gera aakhiah ek naam Jagdis.

Et raah pat pavariaa chariai hoe ikis.

Sun galaa aakaas ki kitaa aai ris.

Naanak nadri paaiai kuri kurai this.

You can get the pronunciation of this through downloading the musical version on the website

Living life as an eternal being requires patience, don’t you think? If you’re gonna be around forever, you might as well relax and let things work themselves out gracefully. Do not get frustrated or let struggle consume your day to day focus. All is well and will work itself out dear beautiful souls.  And most importantly, make a choice to return to your core nature of love each day.  It is always a choice to be resentful or loving. You can let yesterday go. After all, yesterday does not really exist, and yet it always has been. All time is occurring at once, and as you let this next encoded transmission pass to you now in these words, you will see that you have access to unlimited realities, which includes access to your present, your past now, and your future now. When this knowingness is intended to be activated in your cells, DNA, and brain; patience, acceptance, and love is also easily accessed. It is your birthright to feel the love of your soul. It is your birthright to know and surrender to impermanence and eternity. Intend this now if you wish, and expand into the beauty of life.


Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah Velasquez is a new-thought minister, Pleaidian healer, and counselor. and Copyright 2013.

Coaching Series: Living An Amazing Life with Everything in Balance! 



Coaching Series: Living an amazing life with everything in balance!


With this series, you will receive step by side, crafted keys to how to get your life to become the life you have always wanted.  Ariah’s strategy and healing will allow you to go deep into your own personal path, revitalizing your life mission. Some of the healings entail clearing your Ka template, which anchors what you came here to do. You will also learn a special meditation that removes blocks from your life mission.  It is now more important than ever to seize the day and heal the parts of yourself that have gotten in the way.


Is it a problem keeping a healthy relationship?


Feelings about the mundane, depression, or disconnection?

Health and weight issues?


This 12 session series will address every aspect of your mind, body, and spirit, so that when you are done, you are renewed, cleared, and fulfilled in all aspects of your life.  This series takes a level of commitment, willingness to be vulnerable, and share the parts of you that may shame you the most.  Through facing the fear and inner shame, you will be living YOUR heaven on earth.


These sessions can be once a week, for 3 months, or every other week for 6 months. For a long term process, you can do once a month for a year. Coaching sessions are via phone or skype unless in Tampa, FL. 

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6 Ways Clearing Food Allergies Can Raise Your Vibration 


Food allergies can dim your Vibration:


First, I want to say the reason why I have the knowledge below is from 16 years of personal research through traditional study of nutrition all the way down to alternative study, some through actual schooling (Penn State, nutrition major), to years of visits to naturopathic doctors, chinese medical doctors, lots of reading, and hands on experience in my own life with illness on all levels. So I decided to blog about this, because it never ceases to amaze me that food effects so much in a profound way. Whenever I have gone off the path that I know about food, within a year, subtle health problems begin. Now, I am pretty tuned into my body, so I notice stuff before they become true illness, but nonetheless, the effects are there.  The times, I have ignored my subtle clues, I have payed for it with discomfort physically and mentally. 


First, let me address food allergies before so that you have a deep understanding on how different foods impact the body. Many people don’t even realize they have food allergies. All they know, is they have other problems, like acne, constipation, digestive cramping, bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, bad breath, rosacea, yeast,fibromyalgia, weight gain, and so many many more. However, a lot of the main food offered right now out in the world are allergens! 


Dairy is hands down one of the biggest allergens and many people still eat it. Think about it. Do we feed our breast milk to other animals? No! So why would other animals milk work for our bodies?! It doesn’t. We can have it once and a while without it effecting it, but if it becomes a central factor of our diets, most will become allergic to it. This will show up as chronic sinus problems, acne, and more. Another allergen is soy. Soy mimics estrogen.  Unless extra estrogen is needed, we are throwing our hormones out of whack when we eat soy, male or female. This leads to acne, pms, metabolism issues, and more. Ok, another one is wheat and gluten.  Grains can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation also shows up as acne,fibromyalgia, arthritus, rosacea, and more. Who would have thought that eating good old whole wheat bread could make you sick? And unfortunately, coffee messes with the hormones as well. Caffeine increases testosterone. This may be ok for some people, but most people it leads to irritability, skin problems, and liver toxicity. Liver toxicity in Chinese medicine is directly related to anger. I don’t know about you, but I prefer joy to anger. And how about alcohol? Well, one drink here and there wont be too bad, but if consistently part of life, and I mean on a weekly basis, it adds to the acidity of your body. Disease grows in an acidic environment.  And there is wheat in most beer, as well as sulfites in wine, another allergen. Wait...I didn’t even mention sugar. Sugar in it’s non-natural forms is poison to our bodies. Literally poison. This includes high fructose corn syrup which is in almost everything in a non-health food store. Stuff that it doesn’t even need to be in like beans and bread for goodness sakes. 


So, what the heck are we supposed to eat?! Some would answer mostly live foods, but in people with certain blocks like spleen deficiency in Chinese Medicine, then cooked food is better.  A mix of some raw and some cooked seems to keep the body balanced between yin and yang. Eliminate the most common allergens above, and substitute with beans, brown rice flour based breads, vegan Daiya cheese, Earth balance butter, lots of greens and low glycemic fruits like rasberries, cherries, blueberries, and pomegranate.  Nuts are ok, but remember to soak them to remove the toxins out of them. Some are against certain nuts like peanuts because there is more fungal growth on nuts, and this can cause allergic reactions as well. And if you need to have protein from once living animals, fish is your  most ideal alternative, especially the low mercury holding ones like Mahi mahi. However, be sure to take an enzyme after eating fish as this will allow your body to digest it better and all meat (including fish) is hard for most bodies to digest because it is harder to break down.  Bad digestion leads to all sorts of health problems that creep up over a long period of time. Trade your alcoholic drink for a gluten free cider beer and your sugar for Steviaand agave. Stevia is ideal as all it is, is a plant. And it actually is helpful to your body!


Now how is this all related to vibration? The lighter foods, and less allergen type foods allow your body to spend less time fighting off dis-ease, and more time to take in light energy and life force. This will allow you to be happier and to feel more connected to whatever spiritual source you believe in.  As you become more tuned in to light energy, and have more life force, your brain works better. When your brain works better, you utilize the less active parts of the brain involved with synthesizing perception information. In other words, you can perceive the spiritual, more subtle aspects of existence. This includes, intuition, and yes even the presence of love in your life. As you connect to the presence of love in each moment, you begin to attract like minded people into your life. Or help unlike-minded people simply by just being you. Love is a powerful force. Emanating your true essence, which is love, has been proven by Quantum Psychics to reach a field of about 100 people around you.  So, when you eat this way, it literally results in you being able to walk into a store and effect the nearest 100 people with your frequency. 


For those that do not understand this, essentially all energy holds a frequency. Energy can literally be measured. When you break us down to an atomic structure, we too, are energy and frequency. Energy can be manipulated and transformed. Choose how you would like your energy to be transformed.



Blessings, Ariah


Addendum to Post:

A dream I had last night reminded me that sometimes there are emotional reasons for food allergies, so just an attached note to this, some will clear allergies and be able to transmute the effects of food as they look within. Just a thought. Yet, all still has frequency and some foods if you look into Kirlian photographs of auric fields of food just are more vibrant. For example, organic vs. nonorganic

Healing Addiction-10 Session Package Series to freedom. 



I have experience in treating addiction and experiencing addiction from a few vantage points.  In my time working at a house for women recovering from drugs or alcohol, I ran group therapy and did one on one therapy with clients.  In this experience, I learned how hard it can be to change something.  I found that often the substance or alcohol has somehow been serving the person's life in a way that is hard to let go of no matter how much havoc it also has wreaked.  So, for this reason, I have developed  a ten session series to help clients find self-motivation by uncovering where they want to be is not who they are when using or drinking.  This series is highly therapy-oriented.  Although, we do a lot of energy healing in it, it consists of the client being engaged in talking a lot and finding the solutions not through psychic phenomena, but through their inner knowing.  This is different than my regular sessions where I engage in lots of "reading" of the energy field. Why is that? Well, because the nature of successfully overcoming addiction has to do with sustained change within the self that has come from your own inner reserves.  Due to the neurological aspects of addiction, it takes tremendous self-understanding and self-motivation to overcome the now, ingrained instinctual drives to use or drink. However, there will be some energy healing help.


 My other experiences with addiction include growing up in a family where addiction was present, as well as past partners being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The only vantage point I do not have is being addicted to these things myself, but due to the empathic, clairvoyant nature of my work, I am able to really blend with my clients in their sessions and understand where they are coming from.  



In this series, we will:


Session 1-We will uncover who you want to be in your life and anywhere you feel that is not fully being actualized. We will clear each chakra for the energy that conflicts with who you are being now, versus who you want to be in your life.

Session 2- We will heal and clear all that has caused resistance to change.  A healing called a Depatterning will be utilized.

Session 3-  We will do a healing that clears the genetics of your addiction.  In energy work, this is called "Cellular Clearing".

Session 4- We clear the fear of "change consequences".  How will your life change when not using or drinking?

Session 5- You create your "Change Plan". Worksheet provided. 

Session 6- Therapeutic work on external pressures influencing addiction (environment etc).  We also clear cords and contracts that keep you energetically tied to people that are no longer serving your growth in who you want to be.

Session 7- Therapeutic work on maintenance.

Session 8- Creating a new life, new environments, and social situations to support you.

Session 9- Your life purpose...Uncovering it and how to fulfill it. A healing and therapeutic session towards this. Once you are not drinking or using, this WILL reveal itself more.

Session 10- Building self-trust, and tools to sustain all your powerful work.


If you are thinking of doing this series, I commend you for your courage.  I know if we take this healing journey together, you will be happy you did.


Blessings, Ariah

Abandonment Depression: The way to Freedom of It. 


Abandonment Depression: The Way to Freedom of It!


There are 3 places this comes from. 

-One is not being encouraged to undergo risk taking behavior when a child and thereby not fully developing an “individual self”. If you were reprimanded for taking risks as a child  (ie. taking a step stool to get your own cup etc)...this eventually would cause you as a child to cling to your parent to get approval because when you showed self-initiative, you got punished.

-Another is actually due to fate. You actually were abandoned by a parent due to addiction, illness, or something else.  The age that this happened will determine the extent of the abandonment depression.

-Lastly, a personality trait/karmic wound that caused you to just be a more needy child and then found yourself being rejected because your needs far outweighed what was humanly possible to fulfill.


Or a combination of all!


What is the result of these childhood occurrences? As an adult, it could be elements of borderline personality disorder which in turn causes severe depression and or/ anxiety when threatened in any way of being pushed to face this deep-seated abandonment depression. Sometimes, to avoid this depression people either get really angry trying to force people not to push them into their deepest wound, or numb oneself through cutting, picking, ocd expressions, having affairs, drugs, alcohol etc. The problem is, that when the person with this issue feels any fear they will be abandoned, the feeling is so overwhelming, the panic so bad, that the result is leaning on coping mechanisms.


If this is your issue, as a spiritual being, how can you deal with this challenging abandonment depression that controls your life in so many ways? 




So, the steps to recovering?


-Say yes to safe, healthy, loving people to be your best friends and partner.

-When the abandonment thoughts come up, share them at first with the ones you fear will leave if appropriate. However, if after a year with someone in your life, you are still bringing these paranoid questions up, choose to IGNORE THE THOUGHTS UNLESS YOU HAVE OBVIOUS PROOF YOUR WORRIES ARE WARRANTED.

-Meditate on your fears. Use this Sikh Mantra/Yoga practice to dissolve fear:; or simply meditate everyday asking your fears to come up, then clear beliefs around those fears. If you don’t know how to do this, set up a session with me and I can teach you how. Here is a link to another 11 ways to transform fear from my blog note I wrote a while back: 11 Ways to Transform Fear

-Fill your days with meaningful work, and fun activities. The more you develop a sense of self, the less you will fear being devastated by someone leaving as you will feel like you have your OWN life.

-Read literature on Borderline Personality Disorder to gain insight. I suggest this book here:

-Do not react to try to stop anyone from abandoning you. When you want to react, do the opposite, then do your meditation to clear all that is coming up.

-Get healing! Having support from many places is key!



I send you much love and light. You can undo this painful wound. You will. You have. And so it is.



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Is there just one thing you are so darn sick of that keeps playing out in your life? Maybe you always attract friends that compete with you, or maybe you keep moving to apartments with bug issues. It could be anything!


Allow me to uncover with you what is deeply holding back a pattern of leaving your life. Watch my video below to see how I will do this with you.

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The God/Goddess Package...12 Sessions To Your Dream Partner 



So, many of you have been asking, what is it and how? Well, I am offering a short video with a description of what you will experience when you jump on this journey to creating the relationship of your dreams.  I wanna let you know that the only reason why I created this, was because I KNOW the process of getting there. 

Me and My Beloved Husband

Now, with my "wounded healer" lessons, I am able to share with you, how I undid all my programming step by step, till I finally vibrated at a frequency that attracted true, lasting love. Please listen now to this short video about how I will do this with YOU,



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I grew up with parents that I picked before I came into a human body. They gave me the lessons that I wanted to learn about for my own human evolution. These lessons allowed me to search deeply so I could heal and learn to be a healer to help others. Every lesson has led me to have all my positive qualities of resilience and compassion and these qualities are part of my life mission here.


Here is a video explaining what I will offer to you when you take the incredible, powerful journey of healing your trauma or traumas with me.



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