Are you a Lightworker?

Are you a lightworker?


The Question: Am I really a leader...a lightworker?


Sometimes when more things come up to be purged or life mirrors you painful lessons, it is easy to question if you are truly walking in and for the light. First and foremost, we all are. All time is now, all realities NOW. ALLways remember each and every person is walking in the light in parallel realities in some time and space. Yet, YOU, you who read this NOW, are walking in the light in THIS time and space. You would not be reading this if you were not. You would not thirst the clearing and the light if you were not leading in this here and now.


As the light continues to increase in this here and now reality, the deepest aspects of all that you are now surfaces.  I mean, the things you didn’t know, you didn’t know. It comes then as a shock in the mirror of this reality. Is someone being cruel? Is something happening that feels like you are being pulled backwards? Then ask the question that you DO know: What is within me that is vibrating at a similar frequency? It may not be the same actions that you take, or even the same problem, but it is the same FREQUENCY if it is in your world.  Now this can get confusing when someone’s surface actions seem so different than your own. You may say, “I don’t treat others this way” or “I do not speak like this” or “But I am not angry”. You can trace most actions out of alignment with source to FEAR. Are you in fear of anything? Fear of not finding love? Fear of abandonment? Fear of being viewed as old, unattractive? Fear of not reaching your goal? Fear of not having abundance? The list goes on and on.  


So when you see that person acting in anger, cruelty, lack of consciousness, WHATEVER, it is just fear vibrating fear into your reality. This may get overwhelming as you try to search for the blind spot within your self that is creating this. Just keep searching. One day, you will wake up, and the light bulb will go on. “Oh, that’s it!” you will say. And when you know what it is, ask the light to melt it away from the Great Central Sun. Ask the light to dissolve this fear. You do not have to know HOW it will happen. Just pay attention, as new tools come your way within weeks. Help is here. Help is always here. I love you, in the light of all that is divine, in the big oneness, LOVE is all there is. 


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