11 Ways to Transform Fear

11 Ways to Transform Fear


11 Ways to Transform Fear:


1.Meditate on your fears for 11 minutes a day and ASK for it to surface via thoughts, feelings, emotions. Sit in all that comes up and just be with it, lovingly, and compassionately accepting whatever is. Let it EAT you up and consume you.



2. Ask for your dreams to help you process your unconscious fears and keep a journal by your bed to keep track of what is coming up. If the dreams have symbols, use an online dream dictionary to see what they mean.


3. Use a mantra that pinpoints fear. A Sikh one is Aadays Tisai Aadays Aad Aneel Anaad Anaahat Jug Jug Ayko Vays.To fully get the most out of this mantra sit with the arms stretched out in front of you straight at shoulder length. Lift the arms to 60 degrees on the first word, then on every other word after bring the arms back to the shoulder position. This a powerful kundalini yoga practice.


4.Cut down on caffeine! Caffeine triggers your nervous system and it can make you more anxious.


5. Do not listen for too long to fear evoking messages, images, and words. For example, the media is projecting much of this out into the world. Read about it to be informed, but then quickly move on and focus your energy on uplifting things.


6.Stay present. Living in the what ifs and future keeps you trapped in old patterns. If you are present with each day and authentic in each moment, when fear comes up you will be able to pinpoint what is getting in the way of movement.


7.Connect to your higher self daily and ask that you be impulsed into vertical alignment with source. This allows you to pulse directly up through the dimensions of reality and quickly summons your energy to cease functioning from your less than divine place.


8. Surround yourself with uplifting friends, or partnership where the person sees you at your best, believes in you, accepts you, and can listen when you are afraid. These people are ones that can hold a space for your fear to be witnessed without judgment. Even if it only one person in your life, that is more than enough! Choosing to hang out with others out of guilt or I should is not the reason to do so.


9. Make a choice to do exactly what you fear each time another one comes up. Or if it is not about an action, then each time a fear comes up laugh.  Literally usually the syllable HA, opens the heart. Fear cannot live in the presence of a truly open heart.


10. Search for solutions and stop focusing on the stagnancy that fear can cause. It is the solution that helps you transcend fear. Once you move towards solutions, you will find that the thing you were afraid of the most, was not as bad as you thought. So take action!


11. Pray. Pray to whatever you believe in to help remove the fear. Surrender it over to the divine. Ask for grace with all your heart everyday and remember to always be grateful when the grace comes in.


Now here is some grace for you.





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