Ariah Velasquez  is a New-Thought Minister, Healer, and Counselor.  She received her MFT in counseling from National University.  Ariah Velasquez-Elmore was led to Mount Shasta from NYC to study Pleaidian Lightwork from Amorah Quan Yin about 23 years ago, at an ancient Egyptian based mystery school. 


After her time studying in Mount Shasta, Ariah began to develop deeply intuitive abilities and re-awaken to the bliss and oneness of her true nature.  She has now been working as a healer for 23 years and has been also providing services as a Spiritual Counselor.  Much of Ariah's spiritual growth also came from the Deeksha Oneness Blessing of Amma and Bhagavan, through learning Kunlun, a bliss practice and path of enlightenment from Max Christensen, Taoist master teacher and Tibetan Lama, her Mystic Lineage initiated by Bill Bauman, and lastly Divine Light Healing called Ilahinoor. She has also received spiritual growth through her path of chanting mantra and Kundalini Yoga amongst many other spiritual teachers.


Ariah is on this path from her deep desire  and purpose to dedicate her life in service to all that is as a devotional singer, counselor,  and healer of the soul.